Information Commissioner’s ‘Monthly Roundup’

July 16, 2020

The Information Commissioner’s Office released the latest edition of their “Monthly Roundup”.

The ICO said, “The Information Commissioner’s Office [ICO] welcomes you to the June issue of our Monthly Roundup! The ICO is an independent public office that promotes and enforces the use of the Public Access to Information [PATI] Act 2010 in Bermuda.

“June 2020 was a busy month for the ICO. As Bermuda emerges from Phase 4 of the Covid-19 pandemic, our office has assisted a steady stream of potential and current PATI requesters to understand and exercise their rights under the PATI Act. Members of the public want to know how to use their PATI rights so they can understand what, why, how, and by whom public decisions are being made. They want to know more about the decisions that affect them, their families and our community as a whole.

“Public information, at the fingertips of Bermudians and residents, empowers those who choose to ask for it and ultimately use it. PATI requests can help Bermudians and residents to assess programs funded by the public purse and propose evidence-based solutions to issues affecting them and the community. When PATI requesters exercise their rights under the PATI Act, and as public disclosures continue, Bermuda as a whole benefits. In support of the public’s right to know, rest assured, the Information Commissioner is committed to enforcing these rights.”

The full ICO June 2020 Monthly Roundup follows below [PDF here]

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