Parliament: 10 Hours Audio & Order Of Business

July 24, 2020

[Updated with live audio] The House of Assembly will be in session on Friday [July 24] and statements scheduled to be delivered include the Economic Development and Tourism Updates, Implementing Measures to Protect Mortgage and Lending Customers, Caroline Bay – The Way Forward, the Airport Project Agreement and Regulated Revenues, and the Water & Wastewater Master Plan Phase 1.

Update: Live broadcast has concluded, and the 3 hour audio of the full morning session is below:

Update: 7 hours of the audio from the afternoon session is below, the session extended well into the evening so the below is not the full audio

In addition, the schedule also lists statements on Ottiwell Simmons Arbitration Centre Update, Arable Land & Community Gardens Update, Youth Policy, COVID-19 Update, Bermuda College: Audited Financial Statements 2018 and 2019, Middle School and School Reform – A Critical Update,Royal Bermuda Regiment Coast Guard Update and the Public Procurement Policy Update.

The Order of Business is below [PDF here]:

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    Why is it that this Government cannot get the business of the people done in a timely manner? Year after year they are sitting till late July. Next it will be August before the summer recess.

    Once upon a time, long long ago in a much envied land not far away, the HOA would rise for the summer break about the same week as schools getting out.

    What happened?

    Maybe if so much time was not wasted doing trivial things like renaming parks work would get done in good time.