Video: Community Urged To #ChooseBDA

July 6, 2020

The digital campaign #ChooseBDA — which aims to encourage locals to support local businesses — has released a video with an aim “to better relay some of the broader messages around this campaign.”

A spokesperson said, “The digital campaign #ChooseBDA, was launched in May 2020 to drive in the community about the impact Bermuda residents have on the local economy through their spending habits. If we all change some of our spending behaviors, we as a community will better weather the economic crisis of COVID-19.”

Lorraine Shailer from Marks and Spencer & Chair of the Retail Division, Bermuda Chamber of Commerce said, “What we hope is the #ChooseBDA campaign will remind everyone of the power of keeping Bermuda dollars in Bermuda. When we choose to spend our money with local retailers and service companies, those dollars multiply throughout our economy.

“Beyond business owners, their teams, and all the other stakeholders in the supply chain, choosing local enables our community to pay rent, buy groceries, pay bills and taxes, buy goods and use services.

“Keeping that Bermuda dollar in Bermuda is not only helping your local businesses, it’s also helping the community as a whole. The reality is, our economy is not linear, it’s a circle. While we realise that not every dollar can be spent locally, it’s definitely in everyone’s best interest to choose Bermuda wherever and whenever we can.”

The group behind the #ChooseBDA campaign also recognizes that there are always improvements to be made in every retail and service sector world-wide, but believes that through education, access to resources and inspiration, Bermuda’s sectors can certainly be on par with the global standard.

A spokesperson from the group notes that “COVID-19 will be something that challenges every vertical, but it will also be an opportunity for our local businesses to prove why Bermuda residents should choose them. From moving online, to providing great customer-service and adapting and responding to those customer’s needs, it’s our belief that the time is now for Bermuda businesses to show how great they are and can be.”

To better relay some of the broader messages around this campaign, just like the grassroots launch of the campaign, a video has been released.

The #ChooseBDA team has noted that “#ChooseBDA belongs to the people” which is why they felt it was important for the people of Bermuda to share the message. From a police officer, a nurse, business owners, an organ player, a fireman, a real estate agent to the children, we all play a part in choosing Bermuda, now more than ever.

A spokesperson added, “The message is this, as we continue to protect our island from this global pandemic, we stand together in solidarity as one family, re-building the future we want: for ourselves, our community and for our island.

“As Bermudians, we have so much power to positively impact our economy, just by making a conscious decision to support local businesses. We may be small, but we are mighty. We have the power to support each other. To create and grow businesses we are proud of and make a conscious effort to #ChooseBDA.

“The time is now to support Bermudian businesses. Let’s spend our money where our home is. Choose Local. Choose BDA.”

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  1. John says:

    choose bermuda, we spend tons of money in bermuda businesses daily only to be made to feel like they doing us a favor, yet most businesses cant even provide a website to shop from. Nothing is ever in stock or its over priced for outdated goods, customer service is in the toilet. Businesses need to do better to match the services consumers can get online. Why is it I can buy anything I want online from around the world but I cant even go online to shop at gorhams or masters in Bermuda for example.
    Praises for those few businesses that provide good and convenient services.