PLP Launches First 2020 General Election Ad

August 22, 2020

The campaigning in the 2020 General Election is underway, with the PLP releasing their first election video ad today.

With the General Election set to be held on October 1st, the next 40 days will be very busy ones on the political front, with both parties expected to roll out their candidates for the 36-seats and undertake various campaigning initiatives.

A PLP spokesperson said, “The Progressive Labour Party launched its first election video squarely focused on the central issue of this campaign: leadership and who is best suited to guide Bermuda through the economic recovery.

“The video begins by highlighting the Premier’s role ably showing us through the health crisis. It speaks to how we came together as a community, and broke down our divisions to control the crisis and usher in the new normal.

“This election is about leadership. During the challenge of a lifetime, Premier David Burt and our PLP team rose to the occasion,” said Deputy Leader Walter Roban. “Now, we need capable and steady leadership to see us through the economic recovery.”

“We can’t afford to spend the next year in divisive by-election followed by divisive by-election from the series of retirements that the Opposition have planned. Instead, we need to save taxpayers money, get on with it, finish this general election and allow whatever government is elected to make the tough choices we need to see our economy through,” continued Deputy Leader Roban.

“On October 1st, Bermudians have a choice between two leaders – Craig Cannonier and David Burt. We humbly ask Bermudians to decide which leader they think is best suited to see us through these tough times,” concluded Mr Roban.

The last General Election was held in July 2017, with the PLP winning 24-12.

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  1. sandgrownan says:

    How about the PLP display some honesty and admit that they have no ideas, no clue and that the economic hole in which we find ourselves is entirely on them.

    20 years of failure. Can we afford another 5 years of a do nothing government?

    • Wake up Bie says:

      I beg to differ the only idea that the UBP ever had was to change it’s name to OBA to run away from it’s racist past.

      In the end it’s still the same UBP and instead of hiring consultants to try and win the election hire some to help you understand why all those black families that supported UBP departed. Forget that I actually answered that for you in the first sentence.

      • Hey says:

        Stop spreading hate and lies. How many UBP in the PLP, how are you enjoying sugar tax, having your pension starved and MPs not having to pay fines for shelter in place breaches like the Bermudian man on the street

        • Answer says:

          Yes many black voters left the UBP why you think the PLP cut your razzz last election. They ran away from a racist party thus you had to change the name.

          The white voters never leave they just rather perform a name change. FACTS

      • saud says:

        You got rid of the racist OBA, and installed the racist and homophobic PLP…what did you gain?

    • question????? says:

      Did Jetgate Craig your fabulous oba leader display honesty with the $350k a hotelier gave to help with the OBA party or did someone keep it for themselves?

      Maybe this would be a good time for the JETGATE report to come out. The same report that resulted in the former Chairman Thad Hollis resigning.

      It wasn’t public money, but it was for the oba and they didn’t even receive it LOLOLOLOLOL.

      • Ray says:

        Its not public money so it’s not called stealing!!!! It’s called I’m taking the money and I’m not telling the OBA that we received it. :)

      • bluenose says:

        How about you put Jetgate, which is all you have, up against the numerous shenanigans of the PLP? I dare you!

    • swing voter no more!!! says:

      The only honesty that needs to displayed is for people like you to be honest about having a problem with Black Lives Matter and a black government. Your thought pattern is why so many black members left and still you don’t learn.

  2. Answer says:

    Stop fronting surrogates oba/UBP/oba. You deserve to lose with Jetgate as the best leader you have.

  3. Herbalist says:

    The OBA video will display temporary surrogates how much your willing to bet?

    • JAWS says:

      The OBA party is 95% percent white and 5% black. The way things are they have no choice but to focus on the 5% to help sway the diversity which is getting a bit old. A third party needs to be created.

      The former BDA party should have never merge with UBP to make OBA and I stressed that before.

      • Hey says:

        Another lie, and mistruth, why do you see the need to lie ? Have some integrity.

        • JAWS says:

          Lie hmm you just displayed how stupid you are. You didn’t learn nothing from the last election lost. I’m going to tell you something for free.

          After the OBA fails October 1st a portion of the OBA that is all black I repeat ALL….. black and a equal amount of whites will break away from this tainted UBP aka oba experimental party.

          A third party will emerge in 2-3 years with a mixture of half black/white members. Only then will the PLP be in trouble!!!!

          • Are they Mad says:

            I am not OBA, I am not PLP, I do not follow any party. I judge each on their own merits. Don’t vote based on emotions, because it means you got fooled by stirred up hype, you got bought, you got owned and manipulated. So enough with the nonsense

            • Truth says:

              Your definitely a obaUBPER and desperate the way you blogging …Are they Mad. JAJAJAJAJAJAJ

              Jaws is correct what he wrote above.

              “Lie hmm you just displayed how stupid you are. You didn’t learn nothing from the last election lost. I’m going to tell you something for free.

              After the OBA fails October 1st a portion of the OBA that is all black I repeat ALL….. black and a equal amount of whites will break away from this tainted UBP aka oba experimental party.

              A third party will emerge in 2-3 years with a mixture of half black/white members. Only then will the PLP be in trouble”

      • Joe Bloggs says:

        The BDA did not “merge” with the UBP. It was taken over by former UBP members who did not go to the PLP.

        Kim Swan and Wayne Furbert are former UBP leaders, but they are somehow acceptable to the PLP membership.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      And if they had an all white lineup they’d be branded racist as well.
      Nothing that ANY party that is not the PLP does will ever be good enough for some people.

    • Realist says:

      What’s your definition of a surrogate? Just so we’re clear before we start.

  4. Bubbles says:

    Well placed strategic move!! Call the election!!

    Highlight the airport deal and hotel I mean hospital deal!

    OBA candidates were jumping ship Now the ship is about to sink! What will become of the OBA?

    • Crazybob says:

      What does it matter? You will sink faster under the PLP, only you’re too blind to see it.

    • Anders says:

      PLP holding election in the midst of a pandemic sounds like Trump is running the Island.

      Turning the Island into a police state for a place with a population the size of a university. Wow, so hard to stop the COVID in such a place! I thank God it was the PLP in power during these lockdowns, because no way in hell would some Bermudians obey the OBA.

      Anyway, what happens to the economy after is what will hurt the PLP extremely hard. The PLP wins because of race, not how well or bad the’ve done. It only hurts Bermudians in the end

      Even worse, many Bermudians want independence. I say go for it! When the covid-phase II comes or if there is some serious unrest in America because of the election in nov Bermuda will need the Governor to contact the UK to send a planeload of supplies to help Bermuda.

      I like the premier, but please the Health Minister was a disaster and Wayne and Zane. The PLP is like the Republicans in diversity. I know there are a few Portuguese people who plan to vote for the PLP.

      Anyway, politics is about strategies. However, the OBA will suffer a horrific defeat- but hang around and in a few years it will be the other way around.

  5. Answer says:

    Let’s start rolling PLP so long OBA

    • Wahoo says:

      You need to understand that this is nothing to do with the OBA. It is to do with the tough decisions that Burt and company need to make. Those decisions will upset the CS and Unions the unemployment benefit will have to end also. They will be making those decisions very early in October once you hand them another 5 years. I am looking forward to seeing you getting what you vote for. They know you have short memories and simple minds. Put on a green shirt.

  6. Sceptical says:

    Simple question. What has the PLP done for you? How has your life improved? Better pension perhaps? Lower grocery prices?

    • Rick says:

      I have a simple question as well.

      • Sceptical says:

        Very telling that you couldn’t answer a simple question, instead going on a rant.

        No worries. So long as you’re happy with the country being driven into the dirt, everything’s ok.

  7. sandgrownan says:

    How many millions did GlobalHue get from the public purse via Jetgate Brown?