Premier, OBA Leader On Resignations & More

August 12, 2020 | 34 Comments

Premier David Burt tweeted a letter that he sent to OBA Leader Craig Cannonier asking the Opposition Leader about the resignations from his party noting that each by-election costs $30,000, and Mr Cannonier responded by saying the Premier making the letter public was “a cheap political PR stunt.”

Premier Burt tweeted the photo of the letter, saying: “I sent this letter to @Craig_Cannonier today. In the interest of transparency, I am sharing it with the public. Over the past 4 months, I have continued to reach out to be bi-partisan & transparent. I hope that we can continue to work together in the best interest of Bermuda.”

Premier Burt Letter To Craig Cannoier

Premier David Burt’s letter:

In the letter, Premier Burt said, “Dear Opposition Leader,

“I trust the email finds you well. Over the last few months, we have been meeting weekly to discuss matters of importance. Unfortunately, you informed me last week Monday that we couldn’t meet as you were in meetings – and given your announcement last week I understand. This week Monday my office contacted you for our regularly scheduled 9:30 a.m. meeting and followed up by email and did not hear back regarding our weekly call.

“Yesterday during our regularly scheduled meeting I had intended on having a discussion regarding your comments noting that the public should expect more resignations from the Opposition benches. Already, since the 2017 general election, we’ve seen three of your twelve members of Parliament resign.

“As you are aware, by-elections cost money. Specifically, each by-election costs taxpayers $30,000. To that end, how many additional resignations are you expecting and are those expected to happen in the near future? I would be grateful for your response so that we can plan going forward in the spirit of unity that this pandemic time demands.”

OBA Leader Craig Cannonier’s statement:

In response, OBA Leader Craig Cannonier said, “For the past six months, the Premier and I have spoken and WhatsApped very frequently indeed. We have worked together to guide Bermuda through the Covid crisis. For some reason he now decides to write me a letter and to make it public as a cheap political PR stunt.

“Bermudians need to ask why private correspondence between the Leaders of two parties is being made public by the Premier in this way. The Premier chastised the Hotel Association for doing exactly what he has just done. It is hypocrisy at its best.

“I was asked if I expected more MPs to retire. The answer was yes – of course. People normally want to retire and enjoy their later years, but this is true of OBA MPs and PLP MPs, as I actually stated. I hope that the Premier is asked about his own MPs who might be considering retirement.

“The Premier says he is concerned about the cost of a by-election. If the Premier is that worried, perhaps he will lower the Ministerial payroll instead of increasing it. Perhaps he will choose not to hire so many consultants.

“Maybe he will also ask for the $1.2m payment to a former PLP Premier to be paid back. How many by-elections would that pay for?

“Mr Premier, if you need me, send me a WhatsApp as you usually do. You’ve got my number. And if you want to know which MPs might retire next, maybe you should ask your backbenchers, as I hear many of them want to leave.

“If your political advisors told you that releasing this letter was a good political strategy, you should ask them to resign. Are these the same folks telling you to push for independence?

“Mr Premier, please do not get side-tracked by fake news. We need you to concentrate on fixing the economy. If you want me to help, you know my number. Just WhatsApp me.”

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  1. Harold Conyers says:

    Yet silence from the GoB on the 100x that amount for their same sex Privy Council Appeal cost risk per:

    ‘OutBermuda has said it expects the government to lose and for the final bill for Bermuda’s taxpayers to be about US$3 million.’ (Source: NationNews 15.3.20

  2. Jack Archer says:

    this was totally unnecessary from burt. this is private information and a cheap political PR stunt

    • No vote says:

      Jet gate was private also and just because the OBA UBP didn’t get their slime hands on it they wrote a report and booted him as leader. Now you want Craig’s face to save the OBA aka UBP again lololol. The experiment is over the OBA is finished. We need a third party.

      • Don't believe the hype says:

        Read the article, and educate yourself, take off your blinkers. Jet gate was not public money, it was a donation for the party that wasn’t communicated properly. As protocol was no followed, there was internal pressure and ultimately CC resigned. There was nothing more to it than that. The PLP are masters of manipulation and propaganda. This time they were called on it. Now we learn that the PLP and OBA have been working together over the pandemic issue. Yet where is your praise for that. Stop being a muppet and use your brain, have a little greater self respect and belief in yourself that you can have an independent opinion based on facts and not just believe the gossip, propaganda and noise.

        • BS says:

          So let me get this straight. The OBA Chairman (Hollis) resigned over the JetGate scandal and CC was forced to also step down and this was over a contribution that was not communicated well?

          Ok then pigs do have wings! Thanks for clearing JetGate up (not).

        • REAL TALK says:

          The hype is real the voters will not be voting for oba/UBP boys. JETGATE Craig will be removed as leader again after he fails to bring home the T milk and secure a victory. He should start drafting his sorry goodbye speech now and release it to the public. :)

      • sandgrownan says:

        Which Jetgate? The one involving Craig, or the original one involving Dr. Brown and millions of tax payer dollars?

    • Now Ya Nice says:

      So if a By-election costs the taxpayer $30,000 I think it is fair to say that a full blown election would cost the tax payer at best 20 times that amount? So if the Premier is truly concerned amount unnecessary spending in these difficult times, he wouldn’t consider calling a snap election that could cost us a few hundred thousand – now would he! Ya cant have it both ways!

      Besides why would the opposition party share information with him about who might be stepping down? Has the PLP every done the same?

  3. Noah James says:

    $1.2m would pay for 40 by elections – ask doc brown for the money back

    • Time Shall Tell says:

      A total of 3.6 million was paid out at that time to three parties, why ask only one of the parties to pay back their share of the payment?

  4. trufth says:

    This says more about Burt than it does anything else.
    Very cheap and petty indeed. Ugly.

    Burt lost respect points with this move. Stupid.

  5. Steve says:

    Sounds as if Bermuda politics is now going to follow the US example, i.e. airing your dirty laundry for all to see.

  6. Noah James says:

    How many PLP MPs are going to retire and cost $30 for a by election?

  7. What do you expect? says:

    What do you expect? He is not a seasoned citizen nor an experienced politician! But keep on voting these idiots in! You deserve to be poor and leaderless!

  8. La Verdad says:

    Very petty and immature Mr Premier. Who advised you to do this…mt?

  9. Anbu says:

    Um Mr Burt…….. people can resign their job whenever the hell they want mate. Considering you guys are in charge heres a thought, make the bi election cost less lol. Cut costs bro. Props where they are due in regard to your handling of the covid situation, but cmon man. U set the price. Just make it lower. No reason one constituency needs to cost 30K just to drop pieces of paper in a box.

  10. Patrick says:

    Those PLP members of Parliament and Government MP are doing the rightful with their jobs and to help Bermudians for all economy cost for the jobs and to prevent any covid19 reasons. The most important those PLP government always help to all Bermudians to find the ways their life as patience through only in Bermuda islandwide better than ever as you knows. So I’m patient and humble and also respectful for PLP government does do well, thank you…

    • Now Ya Nice says:

      Huh? What is Patrick talking about? I even tried using my Captain Crunch decoder ring and couldn’t figure out this cryptic message. What ya talking about Wilis?

    • pitchender says:

      I’ll have some of what you’ve been drinking.

    • Education says:

      Based on your poor grammar you are obviously a poster child for the PLPs dismal record on education! Enjoy your minimum wage as a result of failed PLP policies!

    • wahoo says:

      Wow….just wow.

    • saud says:

      Clearly, the plp did nothing for your education, Patrick…you embarrass yourself, your parents and the plp. Best to stay in your lane, mate.

  11. Question says:

    Does Burt think all public employees should be prevented from ever retiring or leaving, on the basis it might cost money to replace them?

    • Wahoo says:

      Too bad he can’t apply the same standard to buying new GP cars…..this seems to be the first time plp have had a problem with spending taxpayer money. Guess they are banking on every voter being an OJ or a Patrick. 25 – 11 whoop whoop!

      • Ringmaster says:

        Are we to feel sorry that the Hospital elite are reduced to driving new oversized BMW SUV’s, the same size as the Limos? Must be nice to have such a golden package to assist with the shopping run. No wonder Healthcare costs are so high.

  12. wahoo says:

    Wow….just wow.

  13. Unbelievable says:

    I’m so terribly bored of this Government and Opposition.

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