Video: OBA Release Election Platform

September 26, 2020

The One Bermuda Alliance [OBA] is holding an “OBA Platform Release” this evening [Sept 26] and streaming online and you can watch it live below, as well as read their full election platform, which the party released this evening.

OBA Platform Bermuda September 2020

Update: The live broadcast has concluded and the 23-minute replay is below

The full OBA platform follows below [PDF here]:

Bermuda General Election Divider 1

For comprehensive coverage of the 2020 Bermuda General Election and past elections, you can find more information and statistics on the links below.

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  1. Hmm says:

    The oba has to beyond desperate to have jetgate as their leader.

    • wahoo says:

      Burt says sorry for being conned out of $800K of your money but you are okay with that. Puppet.

      • Unbelievable says:

        @wahoo, Right? And to think all they have to do is tell the Police to investigate or arrest Cannonier. Isn’t that what they believe any OBA Premier has ever done?

  2. Ray says:

    How much do you pay my people to be surrogates in the oba party i need a job. I blame the PLP for the covid crisis. Hey any other spots in FDM i hear members are dropping out faster than A 10 cent LICK.

    • Anbu says:

      Surrogates lmfao. U lot still on that tip huh? Hahahaha. Sorry mate but you plp voters are just too thick in the head. How anyone trusts them with money after their 20 year PROOF of financial incompetence is beyond me, oh wait…….

  3. Adrian Smith says:

    I like the promise of a 10th parish ” st Davids”

  4. O.B.A Doesn’t stand a chance, you sold us out and you have a bad track record that show’s that you still support self interest, such as the old guard of the U.B.P. and their remainder of off springs that exist amongst us.

    P.L.P have some things that they need to tighten their belts, but I will trust them far beyond the like’s of the O.B.A, Please remember that the Airport Sell Out Deal, doesn’t sit well with the majority of Bermudians, be it Black, White, mixed status, The majority would agree that the O.B.A know they made a serious mistake with the Airport deal and you can never convince the majority that this is in the best interest of Bermudians.

    We are not the fools you take us for, O.B.A still cater to the Elite of Bermuda, and you have taken a major chunk out of our Public Purse, White Privilege’s is still a major issue in Bermuda, and this is evident in the work place and in the lending institutions, and the ownership of businesses and housing in the private sector.

    Middle Schools has been a major disaster in our Island and I am glad that the P.L.P is going to reverse this and take us back to a system that works, as far as mental health in this country, U.B.P/O.B.A systematically designed many years back how to destroy the Black race in Bermuda, and the best way was to destroy the Family, and make affordability in this Country so outrageous, that we were force to work 3 an d4 jobs to survive, this destroying the family structure.

    Education, The white Elites and the White Community as a whole never had a issue with education, there Children got the best in private schools and the few that had to go through the public school, had one advantage that the private sector has, their White, and both white groups in the public and private schools didn’t have a problem getting employment when summer months came and more importantly, the majority of them are guaranteed jobs before they even finish college, so this has been a major disadvantage of the black student.

    Regardless of how many have managed to get employment in the Black community, it’s far less percentage wise then the white community.

    The FDM, stand a better chance in coming up the ranks politically in the future then the likes of the U.B.P/O.B.A, Change of name does absolutely nothing for you, when your track record clearly shows that you have always taken care of your own and those who support your own private agenda, and not that of the concerns of the general populist.

    • Unbelievable says:

      You are a DREAMER if you believe there are “shadowy deep state” old UBP people in the background pulling the OBA’s strings. Those people are long gone and dead and their descendants aren’t even interested in politics because they know Bermuda was on the decline in more ways than one and had prepared for it by the first billion in debt.
      So stop with the scare tactics. What you need to accept is that no BDA political party can get us out of this mess especially if the PLP is just spending and spending. The real problem is the Govt finances of which 2021 is going to be much worse. I wish you’d focus on that instead of fairy tales.

      • Hmmmmm says:

        Says the fool who change the party name to run away from its racist past.

        • wahoo says:

          Explain this racist past. What and when did you experience it? Please answer because I have been around for a pretty long time and I know of no blatant racist acts in my time.

          • Toodle-oo says:

            You’re not going to get any answers because I’ve been asking for a long time myself. Folklore to keep the masses angry . More wealthy black people here per square mile than anywhere else on the planet able to travel freely and send their children overseas for education. Collecting fat rents , business owners you name it.
            When was the last time anyone was in front of the courts for practicing all this racism anyway ? The laws have been on the books for decades.

          • You are obviously not for real, because you don’t need to go back in History to find how racist a segment of Bermuda was, because it’s very much alive and well in to this day, but you don’t experience it because you are one that sit with the racist and I don’t care if you are black or white, to make such a statement that you have been around a long time and haven’t seen Racisms in Bermuda, you are got to be joking, or utterly stupid.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Explain why the airport deal was so bad? Think about it, if the airport was still operated by the Bermuda Government, it would have lost close to $7m in revenue, would still have to pay to keep the airport running. And you’ve got a new airport on budget and on time (something that has never happened under the PLP). It seems to me that the revenue guarantee looks like an increasingly good deal.

      Secondly, the group that pushed Middle Schools was a multi party group that included the champagne sipping great educator herself, who at the time fully supported the idea. Perhaps you need to ask the question why the dept of education costs so much?

      And quit with the racial name calling. It’s not necessary, we get it, So much anger that since 1998, the PLP have failed with everything they have touched.

  5. Adrian Smith says:

    I really like the idea! To explore the creation of the 10 parish. “St.David’s”