ICO Launches “I Want to Know” Video Series

October 7, 2020

The Information Commissioner’s Office’s [ICO] is releasing a public awareness video series titled ‘I Want to Know!’

A spokesperson said, “Acting Information Commissioner Answer Styannes announces the release of the Information Commissioner’s Office’s ‘I Want to Know!’ public awareness video series.

“The ICO’s videos encourage Bermudians and residents to use their right to know by making public access to information, or PATI, requests.

“The videos highlight the benefits of the PATI Act, and remind Bermudians and residents that when they make a PATI request, they are using an important tool for accountability about the public decisions that are important to them.”

Acting Information Commissioner Styannes said, “Each PATI request made shows that Bermudians and residents expect to be involved in, included in, and informed about public decisions which affect different aspects of their lives.

“The PATI Act empowers Bermudians and residents to influence what information public authorities make available to the public about public decisions and spending. At times, the public may find that there is a difference between the information that the government makes available and the information that the public actually want to know.

“When this happens, the PATI Act gives Bermudians and residents the power to ask public authorities for what they want to know. That is exactly why PATI rights are important.

“The power of accountability is in the hands of Bermudians and residents with every PATI request they choose to make.”

The spokesperson said, “The ‘I Want to Know!’ series of public awareness videos will be available for viewing on the ICO’s website at www.ico.bm and Facebook page.”

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