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November 16, 2020 | 15 Comments

[Updated] Minister of Transport Lawrence Scott and Minister of Public Works Lt/Col David Burch are holding a press conference this morning [Nov 16], and we will have additional coverage later on and in the meantime the live video is below.

Update: The live broadcast has concluded and the 17-minute replay is below

Update 4.50pm: Minister Burch’s remarks:

Good morning.

Following the November 6th Speech from the Throne, I would like to highlight upcoming initiatives that fall under my remit as the Minister of Public Works.

Many will know that the intricate story of Bermuda started on the shores of an east-end landfall, and from that unintended beginning, the Island’s historical anchor has been St. George’s. Rebuilding Bermuda must encompass the renewal of the east end.

Historically, Bermuda has and remains a major fueling stop for vessels heading across the Atlantic in the spring, and south to the Caribbean in the fall season. St. Georges is also the closest safe harbor off the high seas when entering the waters of Bermuda. Furthermore, Ordinance Island is a prominent location for yachting and holds an intricate and strategic position in our maritime industry.

Going forward, the Ministry of Public Works will harness the recently passed Super Yacht Legislation to present a Bill to support the construction of a marina in the Town of St. George. The marina will be a catalyst for the transformation of St. Georges into a world-renowned yachting destination.

Development of the marina will also have the benefit of providing much needed economic stimulation and community pride in the Old Town.

Minister David Burch Bermuda Nov 16 2020

In addition to this, I will introduce legislation to grant a leasehold interest in the St. George’s Club to the developers of the St. Regis Hotel and advance legislation to bring about municipal reform for the Corporations of Hamilton and St. Georges.

The opening of the St. Regis Hotel, the St. George’s Golf Course, and the spa, combined with a world-class marina, will give St. George’s the advantage and unique ability to provide excellent amenities needed to cater to high net worth clients. Most importantly, it will place St. George’s on the world stage of superyacht destinations.

Not included in the Throne Speech but a vital part of our work in this session is the administration of the capital projects which will be advanced to keep people employed while refreshing our infrastructure. A revised capital development plan is being produced setting out targeted project expenditure using a portion of the proceeds of the government’s recent debt raise to keep Bermudians working while our economy recovers.

The Government’s Capital Expenditure Plan Technical Committee, which has been meeting to expedite public sector capital investment – focusing on construction projects, has developed an initial Government capital expenditure stimulus plan of just over $11 million. There are 43 projects in this stimulus plan thus far with a number slated to begin imminently.

The first of which was announced in Parliament on Friday – Roof Top Solar PV Systems on the General Post Office and Government Administration Buildings, Public Transportation Building, and Transport Control Department Building. Further announcements on the specifics of this plan will be announced in due course.

The plan is to utilise small contractors and this Government is determined to do all it can to stimulate the economy and create jobs for Bermudians as well as support the private sector in doing the same.

Thank you.

Minister Scott’s remarks:

Good Morning.

The mission of the Ministry of Transport is to transport people and goods efficiently and safely. One of our main priorities is;

1. To transform the transport fare media so that it is frictionless and cashless.

It is with this context that we aim to Modernise Public Transportation through the implementation of a Digital Fare Media.

A Digital Fare Media will provide the option for both residents and visitors alike to use their:

  • Phone
  • Credit or Debit Card

To pay for rides and track the location of their bus and/or ferry through an app.

Another advantage to the implementation of a digital fare media is that it will provide the Government with the ability to collect real time ridership data, which will allow us the ability to make necessary adjustments to the Public Transportation Schedule.

Minister Lawrence Scott Bermuda Nov 16 2020

While we look to transition the bus and ferry service over to a Digital Fare Media, the majority of the Taxi industry has been using similar electronic platforms for years. However, the Ministry is aware that a Harmonisation of sorts is needed amongst Public Service Vehicles. In this Session of the House of Assembly, the Legislature will take under consideration a Bill to harmonise the licence fees for public service vehicles, with the aim to provide consistency within that industry.

The Ministry also believes the Motor Car Act 1951 is too restrictive in an area where growth and change are necessary to keep up with new technology. Therefore, necessary changes will be made to modernise various aspects of the Act.

For example, with an aging population, it is necessary to re-evaluate policies regarding vehicle licencing for seniors. Ensuring that our seniors are able to more easily access the services they require, while making sure all road users are appropriately assessed prior to being granted a vehicle licence, regardless of age.

The Ministry is mindful of the increasing number of vehicles on our roads, and believes that the promotion of a second-hand vehicle market will allow residents an affordable alternative to purchasing a new vehicle. Necessary regulations will be put in place to safeguard the second-hand vehicle marketplace.

Public Garages have become a steadily increasing source of complaints amongst various neighbourhood residents. It has been realized that amendments to the current regulations are needed, that allow the Government to better mitigate and mediate observed and/or consistent breaches, giving the Minister of Transport the authority to suspend and revoke licences.

Last but certainly not least, as the Minister of Transport, I want to re-emphasize the importance of responsible vehicle operation – both on our roads and waters. Going forward, the Bermuda Road Safety Council and the Bermuda Water Safety Council will be utilised to a greater extent to ensure that transportation safety is kept on the forefront in this vital public messaging.

This Wednesday, November 18th, I will join the Bermuda Road Safety Council’s Road Safety Day, taking place at City Hall in the City of Hamilton from 12:30pm until 2:30pm to show my support for all the agencies involved in highlighting the seriousness of this topic year round.

Thank you.

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  1. Noah James says:

    The plans for a marina have been around for years and years – why didn’t Burch do something in the last 3 years? As for the St Regis etc – thanks OBA! A teaching hotel for the St George’s club – this is new? More detail please!!!!

    Solar installation is meant to save $500,000 a year – will that $500K show in the form of a smaller budget or will it just be spent on other things?

    What are the 40 projects? The solar is costing $3m, the total budget was $11m – $8m for 39 projects is about $200K each.

    Digital fare media – has been around for ages! why didn’t they do it in the last 3 years and what good will it do the economy? LOL – they can’t even get a bus schedule right!!!

    Scott on road safety!!! ROFL! was that it?????

  2. red rose says:

    Scott!!! STOP blaming the OBA for the buses – you’ve had three years to get this right!!!! You haven’t! why?!

  3. Cow Polly says:

    Minister Scott – the PLP bought new buses: where are they?

    • Question says:

      They think we don’t know about those buses they bought but could never use.

  4. Cow Polly says:

    with the regulation of the second hand car market, does that mean, if Govt is getting involved, that there will be a tax on second hand car sales?

    • sandgrownan says:

      OF course it does. It’s the drip-feed of income tax into Bermuda. Sell your car? Tax. Sell items on e-moo? Tax.

      You have to remember, we’re broke, and they’re clueless.

      • Joe Bloggs says:

        They are not clueless and they do have a plan. They are just not telling us what that plan is.

        We have been told that the plan includes an expansion of income tax.

    • Question says:

      Scott is saying they are going to stop older people from driving.

      It’s the PLP. The last thing they care about is individual freedoms.

  5. Double S says:

    Why should the PLP expect some sort of praise for a potential new hotel training school? It was underneath their reign who approved the sale of Stonington Hotel which shuttered the previous hotel school.

    And lets not forget that they also spread misinformation about access to Fort St. Catherines Beach and plus more about the Desarollos Group when the OBA announced that they were to build a new St. Georges hotel.

    Some might have short memories, but not all.

    • Ringmaster says:

      It’s the same as their boasting of St Georges’s being a superyacht destination. 4 years ago they were shouting down the AC as being a race for white billionaires. Now they are trying to entice them here. What’s in it for the ordinary Bermudian, because that was their complaint before. The PLP are despicable.

  6. Ringmaster says:

    Increased number of cars on the road? When was the last time he was on the road? The drop off of vehicles due to WFH is easily seen. Concentrate on the increased number of idiot bike riders who care nothing for their lives, and it seems nothing for anyone else’s.

  7. Question says:

    If you want to see something funny, look for the bit with Scott being interviewed on the news tonight. The reporter runs rings around him. It’s hilarious.

  8. Sandgrownan says:

    Lol… I just re-read both statements again in full. Christ, what a pair of muppets. Utterly clueless.

  9. Joe Bloggs says:

    “Going forward, the Ministry of Public Works will harness the recently passed Super Yacht Legislation to present a Bill to support the construction of a marina in the Town of St. George. The marina will be a catalyst for the transformation of St. Georges into a world-renowned yachting destination.”

    St. George had a world-renowned winter yacht business until the PLP Government changed the period a visitor could stay from 6 months to 6 weeks.

    That fact that a subsequent PLP Government increased the period a visitor could stay back to 6 months did not correct the wrecking of St. George’s winter yacht business.

    “In addition to this, I will introduce legislation … to bring about municipal reform for the Corporations of Hamilton and St. Georges”

    Cha-ching! The PLP Government will be in charge of the marina and its revenue.

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