Video: Premier Burt & Finance Minister Dickinson

November 9, 2020

[Updated] Premier David Burt and Minister of Finance Curtis Dickinson are holding a joint press conference this afternoon [Nov 9], and we will have additional coverage later on and in the meantime the live video is below.

Update: The live broadcast has concluded and the 40-minute replay is below

Update 8.42pm: Premier David’s full statement follows below:

Good afternoon members of the media and the public viewing live.

On Friday, November the 6th, this Government presented the 2020 Throne Speech, which detailed how in this first legislative year we will advance the Agenda that earned overwhelming support at the polls. We will continue to invest in our young people, we will continue to protect our seniors and vulnerable, and we will continue our focus on growing our economy and creating economic opportunity for Bermudians.

I will provide an overview of the Throne Speech initiatives and highlight our priorities and areas of focus. The Minister of Finance will also provide an overview of his Ministry’s initiatives, and during this week and next week, my Ministerial colleagues will hold joint press conferences to detail their Ministry’s initiatives.

Last Tuesday I stated that this speech would be considerably shorter that other Throne Speeches. This was deliberate, as these speeches are supposed to represent the legislative matters that the Government will advance in one session. I wanted to ensure that we were being realistic in laying out what we felt could be achieved in this legislative year.

The Throne Speech’s theme: Rebuilding Bermuda with Bermudians at Heart communicates the basis and foundation of all of Government’s priorities. The fact is the world post-pandemic will be vastly different than in the past, and our policies must recognise that rebuilding must happen to ensure a more just, more fair and more equitable society.

The Government not only believes it is important to prepare Bermuda’s Youth for the
future, but we must also value young people’s current contributions to Society. We will seek to engage our young people and harness their energy, creativity and passion about the causes that are most important to them, by developing a National Youth Policy that supports and empowers this most critical segment of our community.

It is no secret that Bermudians pay far too much for healthcare, and in the midst of a public health crisis, affordable universal healthcare is an unquestionable priority. To uncover and deliver innovative solutions, public and private sectors will unite to reduce Bermuda’s healthcare expense and drive better healthcare outcomes;

Therefore, in collaboration with Bermuda First, the Government will introduce a
Bermuda Health Plan by focusing both on prevention as well as primary and community care, we hope to significantly reduce the reliance on expensive hospital care. Additionally, using technology will maximise efficiencies via an integrated healthcare model.

To support our students, and guided by a goal of establishing multiple pathways to success for Bermudian students, the Government will complete the transformation of the public-school system, collaboratively designing brand-new system for Bermuda.

The new public-school system will ensure students are equipped for vocational, academic, or business careers; as well as being able to succeed if they prefer independent entrepreneurial and artistic pursuits.

As we focus on strengthening our economy and on economic diversification during this Session, the Government will reform laws and policies to assist to develop an ecosystem and infrastructure that allows technology companies to base their operations in Bermuda.

These new residents will enable the evolution of a tech community in Bermuda to compliment the legacy industries that have provided the mainstay of the Island’s employment and revenue for decades.

Having been incorporated in 1795, Hamilton has attracted legal, retail, dining, and banking entities, but has found it difficult to accommodate innovative business ideas or even until relatively recently, residents.

Accordingly, given our pursuit of technology focussed companies unused and underused sites in the City of Hamilton will be permitted to develop co-working spaces in which local and global entrepreneurs can live, work, and relax together while building our future.

Regarding immigration reform, the Legislature will be invited to support revisions to the long-term residential certificate policy to require those granted the right to live in Bermuda to make economic investments in the Island or to invest in the new Bermuda Trust Fund, which will be set up to benefit those who have not had the benefit of historic, inherited wealth. Additionally, the Government will advance the next chapter of comprehensive immigration reform by legislating a framework for the grant of permanent residency in Bermuda.

A Bill to create a Police Authority will be introduced to facilitate an open and collaborative forum to support the Bermuda Police Service and the communities they serve. A national crime prevention plan will focus on prevention, rehabilitation and reintegration

In our ongoing efforts to support hardworking Bermudians, especially those whose employment has been impacted by the pandemic, the Legislature will take under consideration the final aspects of wage reform in support of Bermuda’s workers to establish a statutory living wage.

With reference to the Digital Bank initiative. Bermuda prides itself as a well-regulated place to do business with a respected regulatory and legal system. This has been key to Bermuda’s success in attracting international business. However, existing banks have to date be unable to services many companies in emerging industries, and the Government feels that it must examine options to support these industries as we look to grow jobs in Bermuda.

Before the Digital Bank Bill is advanced, the Government will work with industry experts to build out a detailed business plan with the objective of developing the Digital Bank for Bermuda.

At a high level, the business plan will:

  • Create intellectual property for the world’s first state sponsored digital bank
  • Review current regulatory standards and describe potential areas where additions may be required to ensure applicability and the effective function of the bank
  • Identify corresponding banking partners and devise how to support existing and/or new banks in the Bermuda market.
  • Identify key risks in establishing the bank & propose risk-mitigation strategies
  • Advise on the design of the core technology

We believe the size of our relevant financial sectors and high regulatory standards make us an attractive jurisdiction for this initiative. We anticipate that the development of the Bermuda Digital Bank will enhance Bermuda’s attractiveness to new types of banks that wish to enter the Bermuda Market and will support industries that wish to setup in Bermuda.

My Ministerial colleagues and I have an ambitious agenda, there is a lot of work to be done. We will continue the focus on economic growth, and what our Island requires to build a better, fairer and stronger Bermuda.

I will now hand it over to the Minister of Finance who will detail his initiatives.

Thank you.

Update 8.42pm: Minister Curtis Dickinson’s full statement follows below:

This past Friday, the Bermuda Government set out our legislative agenda, which continues our plan to deliver a better and fairer Bermuda, in keeping with our 2020 General Election Platform.

The main areas of focus of my remarks today, will be the Ministry of Finance Throne Speech initiatives. At the end of my remarks I will give an update on the Fairmont Southampton redundancies.

I will begin with the reform of banking laws to assist with the harmonization of the Bermuda base rate charged by local banks:

Interest rate benchmarks are a useful basis for all kinds of financial contracts such as mortgages, bank overdrafts, and other more complex financial transactions. In fact, most developed countries have some form of a base rate that is used by financial institutions in that country to price their own loans.

One of the challenges I have found, as the Minister of Finance, is that there is very little transparency or clarity around how our local banks set rate or even their base rate as each bank seems to have its own rate, with some having different commercial and retail base rates.

In order to bring clarity and greater transparency to the setting of lending rates I intend to introduce legislation that will require Bermuda banks to use the US Prime rate as their base rate. Bermuda banks will be required to set rates on loan products, such as mortgages and auto loans, based on the US Prime rate and customers will be able to easily compare rates from various banks before making a borrowing decision.

Once this legislation has passed through the legislature it will apply to new products purchased and sold after the commencement date of the legislation.

I would now like to discuss our plans to assist families in their homeownership aspirations.

Owning a home has given Bermudians a tangible stake in the country, something to protect and defend. Promoting home-ownership will therefore contributed significantly to the ongoing creation of an ownership culture. To assist with this objective the Throne Speech announced that Government will introduce further pension reform to allow for the use of a portion of pension account balances to help to fund the down payment on the purchase of a home by first time homebuyers.

Since 2010, amendments to the National Pension Scheme [Occupational Pensions] Act 1998 and Regulations have allowed plan members in employer plans or individual local retirement products to be able to make hardship withdrawals, receive the entire balance of their pension fund if $50,000 or below at retirement, as well as for others reaching the age of 65 to be able to receive 25% of their pension fund balance at retirement.

Furthermore, as a result of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, further amendments to the Act now permit a one-time refund of up to $12,000 [up to 30 June, 2021] that may be received by a plan member of a defined contribution plan or local retirement product, if they are under the normal retirement age [normally 65]. The Government has also introduced legislation to permit the full suspension of plan contributions [5%] by both plan members and employers, up to 30 June, 2021.

To progress this Throne Speech initiative I can confirm that the Ministry of Finance has already requested that the Commission undertake research and make recommendations to the Ministry on permitting plan members who are first-time home buyers to be able to borrow a certain percentage of the value of their pension fund balances to purchase a home.

Research has revealed that a number of other jurisdictions permit loans or pension assets to be used as collateral or security against loans taken out with financial institutions, such as banks.

The Government is mindful of the long-term implications on a plan member’s retirement income in permitting such withdrawals. However, this must be balanced against the critical and urgent needs in our community.

Government’s capital expenditure stimulus plan

On Friday, it was mentioned that during this Session, the House of Assembly will be invited to approve additional capital development spending to stimulate Bermuda’s economy. Capital projects will be advanced to keep people employed while refreshing our infrastructure. A revised capital development plan will be produced setting out targeted project expenditure using a portion of the proceeds of the government’s recent debt raise to keep Bermudians working while our economy recovers from the economic shock of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

I can confirm that the Government’s Capital Expenditure Plan Technical Committee, which has been meeting to expedite public sector capital investment focusing on construction projects, has come up with a tentative Government capital expenditure stimulus plan of just over $11 million thus far. There are approximately 40 projects in this stimulus plan with a number slated to begin imminently. Further information on the Government’s capital expenditure stimulus plan will be provided by the Ministry of Public Works.

Tax Reform

The public will recall that in October 2017, the Government established the Tax Reform Commission [the “TRC”] by way of the Tax Reform Commission Act 2017. The mission of the TRC was to examine Bermuda’s tax system for the purpose of determining any measures that may be taken to best enable a system of taxation and revenue collection that is equitable, effective, efficient, competitive and transparent; and to prepare and submit its report and recommendations to the Minister of Finance. The TRC report was made available to the Government in October 2018 and included several recommendations.

The Government considered all of the recommendations in the Tax Reform Commission report and introduced some of their proposals in our 2019/2020 Budget.

As mentioned in the last Friday’s Throne Speech the Ministry will provide the legislative authority and a revised terms of reference for the Tax Reform Commission to update the recommendations made in 2018 that will reflect our current economic circumstances.

The Government will closely evaluate and consider all recommendations included in any updated Tax Reform Commission report, and as per this Government’s normal custom and practice, the appropriate consultation with the various stakeholders will be conducted before any major changes are made to our tax system.

Fairmont Southampton Hotel

In closing I would like to speak on the redundancies at Fairmont Southampton Hotel. These redundancies have had a searing impact on the workers and the people of Bermuda generally.

The Bermuda Government supported the redevelopment plan put forward by hotel owners Gencom in December 2019 when they purchased the hotel. At that time, it was clear that the hotel would need to be closed for extensive renovations. Additionally, it was known that redundancy payments would need to be paid to the hotel workers, many of whom have spent their entire working lives on the premises, making the tourism industry that we all rely on successful.

What no one foresaw was the interruption to the 2020 tourist season brought on by the COVID- 19 pandemic. All Bermuda hotels, and indeed hotels worldwide, have seen their businesses closed, temporarily or otherwise, and their workers without an ability to support their families. It has been hard on everyone, but especially hard on those in our hotels and restaurants who rely heavily on gratuities to earn a living. However, the challenging operating environment does not remove the obligation on the hotel owners to make payments to employees, as they have elected to make staff redundant.

The Bermuda Government, through the Ministries of Finance and Labour, have been engaged with stakeholders to ensure that the hotel owners meet their obligations to the workers. It is clear that having missed the October 23rd payment deadline, these payments are in doubt. It is

unacceptable to leave the workers in the dark until November 20th as most, if not all, have financial obligations to meet today. Therefore, the Bermuda Government has put into action a plan to pay the workers directly through a program designed to see workers paid as soon as this week. These payments will be in the form of loans to employees equal to amounts due to them in redundancy, which will require repayment once sums are paid by Gencom. We will also take steps to ensure that the continuing obligations for payments to employees are given appropriate priority by Gencom.

The workers and management at Fairmont Southampton have done everything to bring this difficult phase of the hotel closure to a sensible conclusion, and we appreciate and recognize their efforts.

These are challenging times. We must take extra care of those in our community made vulnerable by the continuing economic downturn. The people of Bermuda have elected this Government to act on their behalf, and we will continue to be steadfast in doing so.

Thank you.

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  1. Ringmaster says:

    Apparently the Government – Bermuda taxpayers – will be paying the redundancy due to the Southampton Princess employees. The owners of the hotel gave $1 million to the PLP’s election campaign. Anyone else see why this is so wrong? Bermuda is in massive debt due to the PLP yet the PLP step in with taxpayer money to repay what is an election contribution. Where is the BIU? Of course they are silent because they have no money having spent it on themselves. Yet no one complains, yet!

    • Wait for it! says:

      What a whack decision to give personal loans to people who may elect to skip the country and not pay us the taxpayers back! This is not something government should be involved in and will result in a disaster when that money is spent and trusting that people will repay it once they are paid! Why not give South P the loan as at least there are assets to be taken if payment is not forthcoming!

      Bunch of clowns!

      • Vote for Me says:

        The Minister explained that while it is a technicality, lending money to the employees is more secure than lending directly to the hotel. In the event of a dispute, money owed to employees relating to salary and benefits, ranks higher than other debt. Therefore, in the unlikely event that the hotel never gets the funds for redevelopment and has to be liquidated, funds owing to employees would be paid first. The real question therefore, is what security has the government taken to ensure that any funds it lends to employees is paid to those employees via government?

    • CHRIS says:

      and why isn’t this front page news! where’s tweety and his minions marching in the streets?

    • Toodle-oo says:

      And to think of all the out roar and criticism of the Morgan’s Point arrangement.
      It now looks like the PLP will have their very own personal version.
      This doesn’t look good and time will surely tell .
      I wonder where all the critics will be then ? Oh , I know , silent !

  2. sandgrownan says:

    “Regarding immigration reform, the Legislature will be invited to support revisions to the long-term residential certificate policy to require those granted the right to live in Bermuda to make economic investments in …”

    It’s so typically ass-backwards of the PLP. Let’s be clear, Bermuda needs more residents, more PRC’s and more status holders. We need them more than they need us – and the mere fact they are in a position to apply for PRC means they have spent considerable time investing in Bermuda by virtue of the fact they live here. FFS. Could Burt and Dickinson be any more stupid.

  3. Sponge_Bob says:

    More multi-million dollar loans with no security.

    S. Princess and Gencom have no intention of paying redundancy claims and were not interested in taking on a loan from the government. Why would they? They made a million dollar donation to have this issue, and others, just go away.

    None of these ‘loans’ are ever going to be repaid.