Video: Terron Webb Named ‘Remarkable Teen’

November 27, 2020

Young Bermudian singer Terron Webb has been named as one of the winners of The 25 Most Remarkable Teens Award 2020 in St. Kitts and Nevis, where he currently resides.

The teen’s award profile says, “A ball of bright and bubbly energy is what you get when presented with the young and talented Terron Webb. He works hard at everything he does and has much respect for his craft.

“As a baby, he is said to have hummed along and pounded on the table while his grandfather played the flute. He is also a renowned shower singer, honing his dynamic high energy stage performances.

“After performing a song in the wrong order, he honours his mother and her wise words that practice, practice, and more practice makes perfect.

“Terron’s first stint on the stage began at the Nevis Culturama Festival Junior Calypso Competition when he was only 8-years-old. He decided on the name ‘Invincible’ having been inspired by the superhero character who was unstoppable.

“In his first year of the competition, he placed second runner up. In his second and third time around he placed first runner up. He then won three times in a row and is currently the Culturarna Junior Calypso King.

“He began competing in St. Kitts at the age of 10 in the St. Kitts Nevis National Carnival Primary School Calypso Competition Junior Calypso Show. He has won that competition on three consecutive occasions and has left his name in the history books as the first primary school competitor to do so.

“He then graduated to the High School competition in 2018 where he won the crown back to back making him the reigning National Carnival High School King. Webb has the record in St. Kitts with five consecutive Junior Calypso Monarchs.

“Terron has also performed in the St. Thomas and St. James Village Festivals where both senior and junior calypsonians participated. He placed first in St. James and first runner up for four years in St. Thomas winning in the Best Performance category.

“He has performed in Bermuda in 2017 and in St. Eustatius in 2018, placing first runner up both times. Webb has also sang alongside the legendary King Meeko, performing his hit calypso ‘Ruff Me Up.’ In addition Webb has worked with Montserratian musician, songwriter, singer Justin Hero Cassell.

“In 2019, the young Webb was invited to perform at the St. Patrick’s Day Festival in Montserrat and the Manchester Carnival and Leeds Carnival in England. He is also invited to sing at the CARIFTA games opening ceremony in Bermuda.

“Terron is an advocate for being respectful and using social media responsibly. If given the opportunity, he would invest in voice training for the youth. In addition to his time on the stage, Webb enjoys cricket and encourages all to try the sport.”

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