Video: BIU & BPSU Hold Press Conference

December 10, 2020 | 9 Comments

[Updated] The Bermuda Industrial Union [BIU] and Bermuda Public Services Union [BPSU] are holding a press conference this afternoon [Dec 10] to “discuss the Government’s amendments to the Labour Legislation.” We will have additional coverage later on and in the meantime the live video is below.

Update: The live broadcast has concluded and the 35-minute replay is below. Please note the audio is low for like the first minute or so, but the rest of the video is fine

Update 7.01pm: Minister of Labour Jason Hayward said, “The new Trade Union and Labour Consolidation Legislation now includes a provision for an automatic agency shop agreement which pertains to all workers of a bargaining unit. This means that workers within a bargaining unit will:

  • ”Have to pay a mandatory contribution to a union whether they chose to become members of a union or not; and
  • ”The Union is also the sole bargaining agent for all workers in a bargaining unit whether they chose to become members of the union or not.

”As a result of the automatic agency shop agreement, the mandatory contributions, and the fact that the Union controls the bargaining rights of all employees in a bargaining unit, all workers should therefore be entitled to an equal vote to decertify, irrespective of their union membership.

”It should be noted that in order for decertification to be successful it will ultimately require union members to vote against their union or support the decertification efforts.

”This is best practice under the democratic principles of trade unionism, and the practice that is consonant with international best practice, is that all members of a bargaining unit may vote. As 60% majority of workers in a proposed bargaining unit is required to automatically certify a union, the proposal to require a 2/3rds majority vote to decertify would be inequitable.

”The Government has endeavoured to be fair and balanced in this matter and will continue to work with tripartite stakeholders to strengthen the labour relations environment in Bermuda.”

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  1. Looks like Jason Hayward has finally seen the light being he is on the other side of the fence now, Good for him!

  2. Laughing says:

    It’s amazing that Chris Furbert and those other Unions never had anything to say when the POA was being FORCED by the PLP to give up their Health Insurance Benefit when that is simply unheard of. They all work together.

  3. Wahoo says:

    Wow what’s his name sounds vexed but I don’t know what he was saying.

  4. Really says:

    This happens everyday in Bermuda. Bermudians forget where they came from when they get their F&F packages and then turn on their own people. They take care of themselves. Its all politrics for self. Quo Fata Ferrunt

  5. I think once again Furby is being self serving, ( gee! No shocker there )
    If all employees are expected to vote for Union representation, then ALL employees should be able to vote for no longer having union representation!

    And no Mr. Furby, employees should not have to first join a union, and then be able to vote you out!

    What planet is furby living on? it sure cannot be earth??

  6. Bermudian says:

    Laws need to be changed. At the moment seems like only the employee benefits.

  7. ChillyPeppers says:

    I just can’t understand the way he speaks…….maybe its better like

    • sandgrownan says:

      Don’t be fooled, it’s somewhat of an act – he’s no Einstein for sure, but he’s not as foolish as he sounds. It’s all calculated.

  8. sage says:

    “The five words are, no longer support…”

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