Reminder: Public Schools Remote Learning

January 2, 2021

The Ministry of Education issued a reminder that “Public Schools will continue with remote learning from January 5 to January 12, 2021.”

A Government spokesperson said, “The Education Emergency Measures Committee [EEMC] will meet during the week of January 4th to determine any adjustments that will be made as of January 13th, 2021.

“The Department of Education has received feedback from parents and guardians of young children who may not have adequate childcare arrangements and cannot work from home during remote learning. Health Department guidelines and constraints now preclude the Department of Education from offering any programmes for children during this time.

“As a first resort, affected parents and guardians are urged to reach out to their family support network for assistance.

“The Department is engaged in conversations with employer groups and are pleased that they too empathize with the plight of affected parents and guardians and are willing to be supportive within the confines of existing employment legislation and collective bargaining agreements.

“We urge affected parents to also approach their employers and discuss their specific challenges. Likewise, we would urge all employers to consider all options that would meet the needs of their employees at such a challenging time.”

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  1. Rubes says:

    It’s not easy for parents, as some employers are not willing to work with their employees, some jobs are 9 to 5, others are not, some parents who do not have resources ie, internet or even a tablet etc for the child to do remote learning or even be able to be home to assist the child during the day. I’m sure it’s hard out here for a lot of us.
    Suggestion to our gov, utilize the youth centers and schools, break the classes down into 10 per class for those who are not able to do remote learning. Just and idea being thrown out there. Weigh the scale as to how many students we have without resources. It’s just an idea. Wishing everyone the best

  2. Jeanne Center says:

    I am a grandmother who supervised my four grandchildren during the shutdown and distance learning, it was not easy! I don’t know how young mothers working from home managed. I agree with Rubes. Government and employers should be doing more to supervise children of parents who cannot work from home and do not have “day care” support for their children. Step up Mr. Burt!

  3. Warrior says:

    I think your suggestion is great and should be looked into.

  4. Be creative says:

    We need to do better. Why can’t each teacher and staff member be responsible for 5 children. That is a small social bubble. Place siblings together. If a parent has a job at a gas station, a super mart, pharmacy, an airline, a bank ….. they have to go to work and we the community and yes the schools need to provide the service.

    Think outside the box.