Residents Urged To Prepare For High Winds

January 26, 2021

[Updated] Noting the forecast of “gale and storm force winds” this week, the Ministry of National Security is urging residents to “take the necessary safety precautions around their homes.”

A Government spokesperson said, “With the Bermuda Weather Service [BWS] forecasting gale and storm force winds this week, the Ministry of National Security is advising residents to take the necessary safety precautions around their homes. This includes securing any lawn furniture, outdoor potted plants, garbage bins or any other items that can be blown around during the high winds.”

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Minister of National Security Renee Ming said, “As a reminder, the BWS indicated that on Thursday [Jan. 28] storm force winds could reach gusts of up to 70 knots. This is expected to be accompanied by heavy rain, thunder and hail in some instances. Public safety is key, and we’re encouraging residents to take the appropriate precautions to prevent potential injury or damage.”

“Additionally, motorists are urged to exercise safety, care and caution when travelling about the roads during the inclement weather. For more information about this week’s severe weather advisories the public can visit”

As of this writing, the BWS forecast for Thursday states, “Winds southwesterly strong to gale force, increasing gale force with gusts storm force to hurricane force in the afternoon through evening while veering northwesterly, easing gale force gusts to storm force overnight.”

Update 12.21pm: The BWS has now issued a ‘Storm Warning’ for Thursday, and Bermuda Weather Service Director Dr Mark Guishard spoke with Bernews today about the expected weather conditions.

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  1. Inteligins says:

    Motorists? We are expected to drive at 30 mph on little 200-lb motorbikes against a 80 mph storm? Government should put out order to stay home. Should I risk my life to come to work and make $100?