BA Flight With Vaccines Delayed By 24 Hours

January 27, 2021

The British Airways flight — which is scheduled to be carrying 19,500 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine – will be delayed by 24 hours due to the expected high winds tomorrow.

In an online post, Skyport said, “Please note that due to the weather forecast for tomorrow, the British Airways flight due to arrive tomorrow evening, January 28 will be delayed by 24 hours.

“BA 2233 from LGW will now arrive on Friday January 29th at 6:10pm. BA 2232 from BDA to LGW will also be delayed by 24 hours and will now depart on Saturday, January 30th at 7:55pm.”

The first shipment of 9,750 doses arrived on the Island earlier this month, and the first vaccinations took place on January 11th, and the Government has said their goal is to ”have 19,000 residents administered two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine by the end of March.”

The Government is opening a second vaccination clinic at KEMH, following the opening of the first clinic at Police Club in Prospect, saying the second location will  ”allow the Ministry to dramatically increase the number of vaccines we are able to administer on a daily basis.”

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