Bermuda PGA Recognize Louis Rafael Corbin

March 31, 2021 | 0 Comments

The Bermuda Professional Golfers Association [BPGA] has voted unanimously to posthumously recognize Louis Rafael ‘Kid’ Corbin as a Bermuda PGA ‘Class A’ Golf Professional.

A spokesperson said, “April 1, 2021 marks the 70th anniversary of the death of Louis Rafael ’Kid’ Corbin of St. George’s, Bermuda.

Louis Rafael Kid Corbin Bermuda March 2021

“Thanks to Dr. Jeffrey Sammons, Professor of History at New York University, we learned a great deal about the extraordinary life of Louis Rafael ‘Kid’ Corbin, a black man who through his golf somehow was able to interact within the white community during a time when segregation was rigidly practiced the same white community.

“In spite of Corbin’s intermittent acceptance, he vociferously challenged the racism and exclusion practiced in Bermuda, America and Canada.

“Dr. Sammons uncovered that Louis Rafael ‘Kid’ Corbin was the first black person to play in the Canadian Open in 1939 at Riverside Country Club in New Brunswick & the 1947 Scarboro Golf and Country Club, Ontario and the Michigan Open together with other mainstream professional golf events.

“In Bermuda, Louis Rafael ‘Kid’ Corbin was the golf professional at Devonshire Golf Links, in 1933, which later became the Ocean View Golf Course when know today.

“The Bermuda Professional Golfers Association [BPGA] have recognized the contributions of Louis Rafael ‘Kid’ Corbin and to the credit of Scott Roy and the Executive, they voted unanimously to recognize Louis Rafael ‘Kid’ Corbin as a Bermuda PGA ‘Class A’ Golf Professional.

“Louis Rafael ‘Kid’ Corbin was far more than a Head Golf Professional- he was the complete package – Tournament Professional, Teacher, Promoter, Civil Rights Activist, Author, Character, Troublemaker along with many other descriptions. For much of the past 70 years Louis Rafael ’Kid’ Corbin was misunderstood.”

Former PGA European Tour Member Kim Swan said, “Growing up my mentor Herman ‘Tucci’ Bascome told me numerous amazing stories about his matches against Louis Rafael ‘Kid’ Corbin, Earl Anderson, Earl Lowe, George Lowe and Leonard Jones and others.”

We thought Corbin was shot in the USA and this lasted until Dr. Sammons’ shined the light of truth on the incredible life of Louis Rafael ‘Kid’ Corbin. Rest in peace Louis Rafael ’Kid’ Corbin Bermuda PGA Golf Professional.”

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