Premier, Finance Minister Meet With Unions

March 1, 2021 | 7 Comments

Premier David Burt and Minister of Finance Curtis Dickinson hosted a luncheon for representatives of Bermuda’s Unions yesterday [Feb 28] to discuss the 2021 Budget.

A Government spokesperson said,  “In attendance was Armell Thomas, President of the Bermuda Public Services Union, Nishanthi Bailey, President of Bermuda Union of Teachers, Marcus Wade, Vice President of the Bermuda Industrial Union, Sgt. David Bhagwan, Vice Chairman of Bermuda Police Association.”

Premier, Finance Minister Meet With Unions Bermuda March 2021 1

Premier David Burt said: “Our unions are the Government of Bermuda’s most valued partners, and it was important that we discussed the 2021 Budget with them first. The Government also thanked them for the 10% financial sacrifice their members made to help the country’s finances during these challenging times.”

Minister of Finance Curtis Dickinson said: “Bermuda’s Unions are key stakeholders in our economy, and it is important we continue an active and transparent dialogue as we look to grow our economy. We recognize their hard work and appreciate their sacrifice as it assisted the country greatly during these unprecedented times.”

Premier, Finance Minister Meet With Unions Bermuda March 2021 2

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  1. comfortably numb says:

    No need for meetings, the unions and the present government are one and the same, ‘partners’ indeed!

  2. Really says:

    Why was this meeting held a Hamilton Princess? More money being spent… the money the country does not have.

    • Sandgrownan says:

      They do it because they know they can get away with it. No one holds them accountable for anything. That’s why we $5bn in the hole.

      • Vip says:

        People like you destroyed the UBP and the OBA. I should know I use to be a strong supporter of both parties. Your hate for a black party and it’s members is so obvious.

        • Samdgrownan says:

          Nothing to do with race, everything to do with competence and close to being $5bn in the hole.

          Keep blaming the OBA. Idiot.

    • Casino says:

      They want a casino there so they pay to play! You think traffic is bad now wait until they open up a casino on putts bay road! Where are you CURB?

    • Unbelievable says:

      I’d rather Bermuda just go 100% bankrupt in order to get this mess right. Christ knows why PLP voters are incapable of holding their party to account.

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