Video: ‘Taking Off’ On Covid Vaccine Passports

March 19, 2021 | 3 Comments

Skyport has released the latest episode of ‘Taking Off’, a video series with host Mikaela Pearman that highlights the airport, with this episode discussing the topic of Covid vaccine passports, noting that “in the US and Canada, there is presently no finalized policy on whether Covid passports would be required for entry.”

Speaking in the episode, Mikaela Pearman said, “The biggest topic in the travel industry these days is the Covid vaccine passport.

“In simple terms, a Covid vaccine passport, which would be a secure app on your phone that stores your Covid-19 test results and vaccination status, would serve as proof that you’ve been vaccinated against Covid-19, thus allowing you to travel freely.

“The UK is pushing for the Covid vaccine passports to come online before this summer while other countries in Europe are issuing certificates, developing digital immunity passports or like Greece, simply allowing travellers in as long as they have proof of negative test results, anitbodies or have been vaccinated.

“In the US and Canada, there is presently no finalized policy on whether Covid passports would be required for entry.

“Last year, Australian airline Qantas said it would only allow vaccinated passengers to travel with them and cruise ship companies are following suit.

“It is expected that Covid vaccine passports will be online by the summer and they are only for adults as children under 16 don’t need to be vaccinated.

“Please check with your travel agent or airline for the latest travel requirements.“

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As the island and world deals with the Covid-19 pandemic, we are doing our best to provide timely and accurate information, and you can find more information on the links below.

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  1. Cotton Wool Brigade says:

    It’s getting to the point where I think I’d rather slit my wrists than continue to live through what I fear is coming. Maybe it’s just me. I hope it isn’t just me who feels like this, but seemingly intelligent people, sorry, “persons”, are signing up/lining up to take part in what I consider the worlds first human mass trial, and I just don’t get it. Before anyone starts, I’m not anti-vax. But I am anti “this vax” at this moment in time.

    “Greater good” is often thrown back in my face. I should think of the “greater good”, because this isn’t about me. Hmmmm….I was under the impression that I have freedom to choose what I do with my body, including what goes into it. I also thought we were taught at school to be critical thinkers, ask questions and to think for ourselves. Am I to believe that we humans are now to be viewed simply as vessels in which governments/scientists/companies can decide what goes into us or not?

    I’m sure there are plenty who will accuse me of being selfish. If thinking for myself, asking questions and doing research makes me selfish, then maybe I am selfish after all. And that’s fine with me.

  2. For the record most Bermudians travel to and from the U.S and at present the U.S is not even considering Vaccine Passports, because it has to go through the legal process, and debated in Congress and The Senate, and so far many Politicians in The U.S that has spoken to this, has all agreed that it will most likely have a very difficult time being passed in The U.S., so for this video to make such claim that we can possibly see Vaccine passports by early summer, is very misleading and when this becomes a real conversation amongst the law makers, that is when we should be dealing with it, Please note that the U.S. Government is being greatly challenged at this present point, where you see more and more States that have lifted their bans on masks wearing and lockdowns, so it’s very likely that if The U.S tries to introduce a Vaccine Passport, they’re in for an uphill Battle.

  3. In Mark's Opinion says:

    What a crazy world we living in. Has Bermuda been sold to the illuminati without the Knowledge of the Bermudian people.

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