SailGP Will Now Race On Friday, Not Saturday

April 22, 2021 | 10 Comments

The SailGP was scheduled to start on Saturday [April 24] however due to the predictions for “extremely light winds,” the first day of racing will be on Friday [April 23] and due to global broadcast agreements, it will be pre-recorded and broadcast on Saturday.

A spokesperson said, “Approaching the opening weekend of SailGP Season 2 – the Bermuda Sail Grand Prix presented by Hamilton Princess – The championship’s Race Management team has been carefully reviewing the forecast, alongside the league’s Official Weather Provider, AccuWeather.

“Saturday April 24 was confirmed for the opening day of the season’s racing but the wind predictions are for extremely light winds, therefore it is highly unlikely racing can take place on that day.

Slideshow of SailGP teams practicing in Bermuda


“Friday April 23 was scheduled to be an official practice day and, in light of Saturday’s forecast, will now become the official opening race day of SailGP Season 2, which counts towards the Bermuda Sail Grand Prix leaderboard and will guarantee a great showcase of both SailGP and the island of Bermuda.

“Boaters in Bermuda are strongly encouraged to come out and support their teams and Bring Your Own Boat purchased flags will be valid for this day.

“Due to our global broadcast agreements, racing on Friday will be pre-recorded and broadcast at SailGP’s allotted broadcast time on Saturday – which is 2pm local in Bermuda via Bermuda Broadcasting Company on ZFB TV7 – and distributed to all of our global broadcast partners, comprising 175 territories worldwide.

“Broadcast restrictions in these territories mean that SailGP cannot show the live racing on Friday so viewers should tune into the broadcast at the designated time on Saturday to catch the action. SailGP will not be publishing any race results or race content from Friday across its channels.

“Racing on Sunday 25 April will be the second race day of the Bermuda Sail Grand Prix presented by Hamilton Princess.

“We are still encouraging our Bring Your Own Boat program, keeping in line with the no mixing of households. The goal is to create an exciting event for all, both here and our broadcast viewers.”


SailGP Bermuda April 2021

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  1. Joe Bloggs says:

    Why is the government allowing this after all the damage the America’s Cup did to Bermuda?

    • it was a tragedy says:

      that all the positive international news coverage of Bermuda, all the jobs, all the money brought by visitors and visiting yachts brought to the country.

      I agree Joe Bloggs horrors of horrors that we should let something that is good for Bermuda happen–whatever would we have to moan and groan about if things went well!

    • James says:

      Yeah we hate all the worldwide publicity these events give Bermuda. They even showed Bermuda videos during rhe America’s Cup in NZ last month. Disgraceful.

    • deano says:

      are you for real damage???>?>?> or good.

    • Rada Gast says:

      Please provide specific examples of the “damage” that was done to Bermuda by the America’s Cup.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Damn , the number of people who still can’t recognize sarcasm on an internet discussion board … SMH

  2. Smith says:

    So sad the young local Bermudian sailors do not get the opportunity to participate in the Inspire racing for such a great event after working so hard to earn their spots

  3. Wing nut says:

    Hopefully the Bermuda regiment stay way out of the way..seen the training video on social media… it’s a perfect blooper video

  4. Where? says:

    Can see this race from the land (where) or do you have to be on a boat?

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