Covid Rules: Group To Launch Legal Challenge

May 7, 2021

A legal action is apparently set to be launched, with Courtenay Griffiths QC claiming that “the Government’s existing and impending Covid-19 regulations have gone a step too far” and “trample on Bermudians’ constitutional rights.”

Constitutional Freedom Bermuda lead counsel Dr Courtenay Griffiths said, “The required approach to an issue such as this must be publicly demanded and subject to public scrutiny; the Bermudian Government is trampling on the rights of its citizens and the attitude of those behind those decisions seems to be:

“We know what’s best for you, so simply do as we say. That is patently unacceptable. The Bermudian public are clearly not satisfied with what they perceive an overzealous overreach by the Government which has resulted in a grossly unacceptable infringement of their constitutional rights.

“I understand that Bermudians are particularly concerned that the Government stands to benefit financially from the mandatory quarantine, on account of the simple fact that they’ve chosen not to be vaccinated.

“The choice to be vaccinated rests with the citizen and the citizen alone; the state should not mandatorily, whether expressly or by implication, force its citizens to get vaccinated; one class of people should not be separated, segregated and prejudiced simply because they do not bow down to the pressure campaign of the Government.

“However, it must also be clearly understood that there are other issues at hand which include but are not limited to what may be an arbitrary 8pm curfew and other onerous restrictions placed on the Bermudian people which strikes at the heart of their very livelihood.

“In this action that Charles Richardson and I will be filing in the Supreme Court of Bermuda on Monday 10 May 2021, our client will demand that the Government is put to strict proof to satisfy the very high threshold of establishing why it says that these gross infringements are necessary, and we remain doubtful that they will meet that threshold.

“The Bermuda Constitution Order 1968 guarantees fundamental rights, liberties and freedoms that we all are entitled to. Whilst we accept that the Constitution permits the Government to interfere with personal liberties; such interference must be reasonably necessary, reasonable justifiable, and in the public interest.

“We hold the view that the Government’s existing and impending Covid-19 regulations have gone a step too far; the Government’s restrictions and regulations are oppressive and trample on Bermudians’ constitutional rights.

“Given the important public considerations at stake, it is imperative that this matter is finally determined by the Courts. Our client is fervent in his desire to proceed with this constitutional action, and I encourage the people of Bermuda and across the globe to get behind him and stand up for your rights. If these onerous regulations are simply accepted, what precedent will that set for the violation of your constitutional rights in the future?”

The group has launched a crowd funding page on, which has raised £9,400 GBP [$13,100] so far since the launch today.Compass Law Chambers can be contacted at

Update May 13, 6.56pm: Charles Richardson, a leading local lawyer, has stated, “To everyone that may have donated to the Crowdfunding website for the purpose of making a constitutional challenge to the proposed quarantine restrictions. Please be advised that I am no longer associated with that group or that fund. If you pledged funds as a result of my involvement you should take steps to rescind your donation.”

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  1. Sandgrownan says:

    Oh for Christ’s sake, what a bunch of utter f*cling idiots.

    • Simon says:

      Couldn’t have said it better!

    • LOL - the real one says:

      Why are you not banned from posting hateful comments?

      • sandgrownan says:

        I tell you what’s hateful. Hateful is being so utterly belligerent about a government responding global public health crisis and being so utterly bereft of compassion about those who can’t take the vaccines, or those that have underlying medical conditions who are now placed at further risk by your own selfishness.

        If you take a moment to listen to health officials, you will know the #1 practical method of reducing community transmission is staying at home. Because Bermudians are so bloody up themselves about their own “spashalness” they think the rules don’t apply to them.

        • LOL - the real one says:

          Yes, people exercising their rights is so terrible! Say, why have health officials racked up failure after failure for over a year in trying to stop the virus? (trick quick)

          You are free to stay at home, be a hermit, and live in fear. The rest of us prefer to enjoy this thing called FREEDOM.

          • sandgrownan says:

            My niece is a nurse. She’s watched people die alone, grasping for air, lungs full of fluid, starved of oxygen.

            You think about that when you worry about your own freedom.

            You selfish b*&$@$&

            • Burt's Beard says:

              By my manly whiskers! We are not paying you to lie and antagonize voters. We are paying you to sway public opinion with facts, not caustic retorts. Get your act together or find a new job!

          • saud says:

            “Yes, people exercising their rights is so terrible! ”

            Why is your government protesting the marriage rights of some people then?

        • YouMad says:

          You sound mad….are you mad?

          • Sandgrownan says:

            Furious actually with the anti-vaxers

        • stfu woman says:

          Will you just stfu already. look at england look at canada, the vaccinated get no special treatment there, why? because it’s wrong and unscientific!!! look at the WHO they even suggest not to give vaxxed people special treatment because nobody knows how much or how little vaxxed people can spread the virus. so will you please stfu, you got your shot that doesn’t protect you or anyone else from getting it but hey at least you got it and you get to feel all spashullll and mighty on the internet right?!

          • Sandgrownan says:

            No. Never. As long as there are idiotic plague rats running around, then I will call them out.

            By the way, your comments are factually incorrect.

        • Nunya Bizness says:

          Who the hell made you so important??? Why would I subject myself to an experminetal vaccine so that you can feel SAFE????? Go sit down in the back row and STFU1!!!!

      • saud says:

        Same reason you haven’t been banned yet.

        • LOL - the real one says:

          Please, do copy and paste any obscenity that I have used. Thank you.

          • sandgrownan says:

            What’s obscene is giving a voice and column inches to conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxers.

      • Come Correct says:

        Because their correct!! Do you realize that all the people that went to the hospital’s ICU and RIP didn’t take the vaccine!!!!

  2. Sam Benns says:

    This is faceless, who are these people? Its like the People’s Campaign, noise but nobody willing to say who they are.

    When you go on the page, first names only. Its fake.

    And more than that its utter bs. Just get vaccinated and grow the heck up.

    • RJ says:

      And for those that have been advised by their doctor, to not vaccinate? Should they forgo their doctors advice’just grow up’ and vaccinate anyway?
      And if by chance they should suffer adverse reactions, would it have been worth it to please the vaccinated population?
      Or will the vaccinated population say, it was their choice, that was their fault. They should have listened to their doctor. Or will the vaccinated populous claim conspiracy and say that they were probably lying to make the vaccine appear unsafe. Be mindful of the people you’re ‘verbally attacking’ and/or discriminating against.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        I would very strongly doubt that anyone who has sought the advice of their Dr and been advised against getting it for personal medical reasons is then going to go and and get it because of anything they read on social media. Strongly doubt !
        And it ‘s been said a hundred times already that people who can’t legitimately get if for personal medical reasons are not viewed in the same way , or in the same boat as people who could get it but simply decide not to .

        • LOL (orginal TM*) says:

          Your a complete moron then. I can think of 3 people in my family right off the bat.

          LOL you people would just drop them out of the civilization cause of an immutable characteristic which they have. After all it boils down to them or you right?

          • Toodle-oo says:

            If you’re saying that you have 3 people in your immediate family who can’t legitimately have it then I have no idea what your problem is with what I said.

      • Sam Benns says:

        You know very well they are not the people I am attacking. And anyway, the only people who should not get the vaccine are those who may have an allergic reaction, pregnant people are fine.

        The CDC estimates that as less than half of 1 per cent, so based on 50,000 eligible people here, that’s a maximum of 250 people. Its the 25,000 who haven’t had a shot that I am angry at.

        • Fisherman says:

          People with known heart problems, respiratory problems and more. If you or your family are extremely healthy, you are blessed.

          • Loquat tree says:

            If you have heart or lung problems you are far more likely to have severe reaction and illness with Covid-19 that with the vaccines.

            There are likely very few actual medical doctors, specializing in these fields who would recommend a person not taking the vaccine, without some other serious factor or condition causing a contra-indication.

  3. Ringmaster says:

    If tis proceeds in the normal manner through the Bermuda court system, the global pandemic will be over before the case is heard.

    • sandgrownan says:

      LOL, we’ll all be dead of old age and boredom, never mind COVID!

  4. Mark says:

    What utter drivel. Completely incorrect. Is this guy even a QC?

    • sandgrownan says:

      It’s a mish mash of ill conceived talking points from the great Sunday car rally. So much is factually incorrect one doesn’t know where to start.

      • DeVeene says:

        Factual ???? Do you anything about the so called vaccine ? Are you living in a bubble ? Have you not seen and heard of the people who dropped dead after taking the vaccine or suffered serious side effects . Healthy people should risk their health to fight a disease that is 99.7% curable.

        • Sandgrownan says:

          No, because it hasn’t happened.

          Go look at today’s press release.

  5. Baygrapes says:

    Dr. Griffiths, you may speak for your clients but you certainly do not speak for me. I am entitled to expect protection from the Bermuda Government and that includes extra precautions being taken in the event a person decides not to be vaccinated.

  6. Baygrapes says:

    Dr. Griffiths, you may speak for your clients but you certainly do not speak for me. I expect protection from the Bermuda Government and that includes extra precautions being taken in the event a person decides not to be vaccinated.

  7. Maybe they didn’t see the press conference on Thursday because some of the restrictions will be lifted as of May 9 however there is now a curfew from 10pm -5am this is coming from people who just can’t have their own way

  8. Karen Skiffington says:

    When tuberculosis vaccinations were mandatory, you got them. When smallpox vaccinations were mandatory, you got them.

    You don’t have a constitutional right to travel.

    • A Reality Check says:

      Segregating and discriminating against people based on a FDA non approved injection is mind boggling.
      Vaccinated and non vaccinated people can contract and spread coronavirus. That’s known. To then add an economic penalty of up to $3000 for 14 days of forced incarceration is despicable.

      • sandgrownan says:

        We segregate and discriminate on sexuality? Or we want to at least?

        Your comment displays a fundamental misunderstanding, deliberate or by accident of the reality of vaccinations. You are a waste of oxygen.

    • LOL - the real one says:

      Did the Government shut down Bermuda and impose a curfew due to tuberculosis and smallpox? Were basic activities such as shopping based upon your last name?

      The United Nations says everyone has a fundamental right to travel. Why do you not know this?

      Article 13 of the United Nations’ 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights states the following: “Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state. Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country.”

      • Loquat tree says:

        The establishment of the Old Hospital or its forerunner was as a quarantine hospital for TB, if memory serves me correctly, yes, people were also segregated and quarantined. There are also laws still on the books for not spitting in public, as this could spread T.B. The entire quarantine sections of the public health act and more stem from restrictions that were put in place on the community at that time. Some also stemmed from the yellow fever epidemics also.

        You think all this is new?
        Do some research into Bermuda’s history and you will find similarities in many outbreaks and pandemics (Spanish Flu).

    • trufth says:

      Oh, has the experimental jab gotten FDA approval? I must have missed it. Until it does, I’m not a lab rat.

    • Do some research says:

      Fact check, what about polio and aids vaccines, what happened there? first batch of polio vax killed thousands. Aid vax lol… Most epic failure of all times almost. How many even have heard of it lol. But thousands of doctors said it worked lol. Passed the CDC and then got pulled due to making things worse

  9. Malik says:

    People who want to immigrate to the US need to show proof of 14 vaccines and pass a medical exam that includes tuberculosis and syphilis tests. Countries like Ghana and Uganda demand proof of a yellow fever vaccine from travelers and, in Saudi Arabia, one can’t do the pilgrimage to Mecca without being immunized against meningitis.

    • Unbelievable says:

      Thank you, Mark. These are people who just don’t care about anyone but themselves. So selfish, misinformed and arrogant.

    • LOL - the real one says:

      Newsflash: People who want to immigrate to the US just show up at the US-Mexico border and cross it. They do not need to show proof of 14 vaccines and pass a medical exam that includes tuberculosis and syphilis tests. They do not even have to show documented proof of their identity.

      IF caught, housing and food at provided for FREE at US taxpayer expense. Most are given a notice to appear in court and are released into the US WITHOUT being vaccinated for anything. In many cases, they are given FREE transportation to destinations across the US. That court notice is accepted by TSA and allows a person to pass through security and board an airplane WITHOUT a photo ID.

      Wiki does not tell you everything.

      • sandgrownan says:

        Again, so utterly bereft of knowledge. Do your lips move when you read?

        All immigrants, especially refugees are subject to significant medical checks including vaccinations. You are flat out wrong.

        • LOL - the real one says:

          Your overshare of what people say to you is none of my business, but the readers here thank you for that confirmation. No, I am correct and know the difference between REFUGEES, LEGAL immigrants, and ILLEGAL “immigrants.” You being argumentative just to see your text posted online is hilarious. Perchance you can ask a parent or a relative to show you how to use a dictionary to look up the meaning of words?

          I notice you ran away from addressing the free food and housing, and the use of a court appearance document by ILLEGALS for travel. Was that too much information for you to process?

    • trufth says:

      Those are FDA approved vaccines and you know it. Stop your nonsense.

    • Lol! says:

      Really?? Wikipedia for information?!!

  10. Sandra says:

    This is wonderful! Wishing you all the best!

  11. Golden Playpen says:

    This is a basic human right. If you are fearful of dieing take the vaccine and stfu! If you are fearful of the vaccine you have a choice not to take it end of story. The government has no right to dictate what you choose to do with your own body and treat you unfavourably. These are the simple differences between democracy and dictatorship.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Correct, but there are consequences. Restricted travel being one of them.

  12. There is says:

    No alternative for those who can’t take it for medical reasons. So my heart goes out to them. Those who can take it but refuse, it is your human right to raise concerns I know you have alternative options and I wish you well. Those who wish to have drive bys or get a QC to try and stop the 14 day govt facility. That’s fine. It is your right. I hope you win. And should you get Covid I hope you will recover and stop lecturing to the majority when the majority has always set policy. This is a national emergency turned into a me, me. Me. I I I event for you. Goodbye.

  13. Ringmaster says:

    Is there a penalty if you break quarantine at a hotel? Haven’t seen anything and that is a large part of the breaking quarantine problem. Could Government offer an alternative to the 14 days hotel requirement? How about 14 days at home, fitted with an electronic monitor (that works) and if you break quarantine it is an automatic $10,000 fine and (not or) 6 months in jail? Mandatory. Can’t pay the fine? Put a lien against future earnings.

  14. A regular nobody says:

    So… looking at the comments…. hmmmm. I have this belief and it may sound crazy and really strange, but hear me out. So, I believe that out of the billion people in the world, it’s absolute madness to think that every person thinks and feels the same about every subject, topic, political rhetoric, etc, but I could be wrong. So… let me get this straight…It’s okay for a person to have a genuine fear of Covid and therefore takes the necessary precautions which in this case one takes the vaccine but… if some (NOT ALL) but some have a genuine fear of the vaccine despite having been made to take all the ones they received as a child… when they really didn’t have a say (at least I know I didn’t)… and now these same individuals have flourished into whole adults and realize they can make their own decisions so they’re a little apprehensive about taking the vaccine…these people are selfish, inconsiderate, despicable human beings? Is that correct? So it’s okay to fear Covid but it’s unfathomable to fear a vaccine- right? Okay, and the ones that are beating their chest daily telling others that they had their “jabs” and they’re fine, I think I missed that lecture in school educating me that we all have the same bodies, the same make up, etc. I didn’t know that the vaccine will react the exact same in everyone, oh yeah, including the ones who have had adverse reactions and have succumbed to their complications. Silly me! So, yeah, if someone can confirm this for me, that would be wonderful! Thanks! :)

    • No one has died from the vaccine says:

      Read a book! The whole lame statement you have made centers around “complications” with the Pfizer vaccine but there have been ZERO deaths using it! That’s a fact! Now go get your jab and stop being part of the problem!

      • Grow up says:

        People are allowed to make there own decisions. There is too much conflicting info on this virus as it is. So people will be skeptical about this. So there medical choice is there’s and there’s alone. Just looking at the data.. first red flag for me is a liability waiver… so the company is unsure of the safety of its own product… Then Thinking this shot is really gonna work the way people hope is foolish. I Hate when people call it a vaccine please look up the dictionary term. Remember for the current shot you now need 3 shots within a year… Possible one a year past that… So guess it’s not as effective as they claimed it to be… so technically all travellers should fall into the same quarantine bracket as the rest. You think someone with the shot can’t spread covid… You think it will show up the within a day of getting back into bermuda… Have a dose of covid lite like our premier calls it. He said it’s transmissible in that stage… Remember herd immunity was impossible according the the WHO last year. Seems like that has changed… Also quite interesting the most vaxed place in the world seychelles 62% has the worst spike in cases at this moment. (Worse than India atm) I’m a pro vax in general but I’ve seen vax fails too that have passed the CDC in my lifetime (aids vaccine anyone). Give it a few years of testing. Then people can make a properly informed decision

      • DeVeene says:

        Two words unapproved vaccine…not tryna be a lab rat.

  15. stfu woman says:

    will somebody shut that stupid woman up

  16. Karl King says:

    The constitution reserves the right for government to make laws, it gives people the choice to keep those laws, then tenders a fine or imprisonment for those who don’t. This is governed by a common legal principle known as ‘innocent until proven guilty’. In its absurdity, this legislation doesn’t even propose a guilty until proven innocent verdict, which already flips the principle on its head, but instead, proposes that you are guilty because we say you are! Kinda like they know you might break the law, so just pay a fine and do the time”. Smh. Just to note that I do support the efforts of the government in implementing quarantines etc, it is a pandemic after all. The artful discrimination and a diabolic vaccine campaign is whats unconstitutional at its core… Ironically, this law is the real crime.