Narraway & Conyers Continue Wisconsin Tour

June 25, 2021 | 0 Comments

Nicholas Narraway and Caitlin Conyers were recently back in action competing in the Tour of America’s Dairylands in Wisconsin.

Narraway, competing in the Men’s Pro 1 / Cat 2 race, saw the field continue to increase in numbers of riders with the conclusion of the USA National Championships. He finished 35th out of 67 finishers – finishing 0:19 seconds behind winner Ezra Sounderling of the Los Angeles Bicycle Club.

Narraway said, “This was a fast, undulating course with an uphill finish, with laps taking just over a minute to complete during the 75-minute race.

“With the addition of fresh riders high speeds were maintained throughout the races, causing riders to fall off the back and get pulled from the race,

“With only a handful of laps to go the announcers were surprised when there was a huge hole in the race, indicating that there must be a story from the backside of the course.

“Unfortunately for many riders, crashes were happening late in the race, splitting the field. The reining yellow jersey holder was caught behind a crash, leaving the finish ripe for new leaders.

“The course was fast; my plan was to stay at the front the whole race and hopefully a good finish would follow, however I was caught near a crash in the last few laps, which put me back, and I didn’t get the finish I was looking for.”

Conyers was back in action in the Women’s Pro 1 / Cat 2 race, and just like the men’s race, more pro women have begun joining this series of races, increasing the field size and putting more pressure on the consistently high speed of the race.

Conyers finished 21st out of 40 finishers. She finished in the peloton 1:10 behind winner Skylar Schneider of team L39ION of Los Angeles.

Conyers said, “With the addition of more pro women joining the field, this was a non-stop race last night. I struggled to get a good position for most of the race, so burned a lot of my matches [energy] chasing to hold onto the back of the pack.

“The race finished with a field sprint, but I was really just focused on hanging on.”

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