Somerset Withdraws From 2021 Cup Match

June 16, 2021

Noting announcements related to the pandemic and delays to the start of domestic league cricket, Somerset Cricket Club said that it is with a “heavy heart” they withdraw from participating in this year’s Cup Match Classic

This, in effect, mean the traditional Somerset vs St George’s cricket game will not occur again this Cup Match, marking the second consecutive year it has been cancelled.

A spokesperson said, “Somerset Cricket Club deeply understands the historic and cultural significance of Cup Match. However, after much deliberation the SCC membership concluded that health and safety concerns pertaining to the Covid-19 pandemic and the lack of cricket impede the integrity of this great event.

“Recent announcements related to the pandemic, along with further delays to the start of domestic league cricket, have informed SCC’s position to respectfully decline the official Challenge Letter from St. George’s Cricket Club. This letter serves as the precursor to any official Cup Match and is one of the deeply rooted traditions that govern the Classic.

“It is with a heavy heart that Somerset Cricket Club withdraws from participating in this year’s Cup Match Classic. Starting as a match played between two friendly societies in 1902 to celebrate the emancipation of slavery, the event has grown in both popularity and scope. Notwithstanding the absence of the official Cup Match Classic, SCC encourages Bermuda to tap into the cultural significance and spirit of the two-day holiday.

“Somerset Cricket Club further wishes to acknowledge the endeavours of St. Georges Cricket Club and other stakeholders who have been working tirelessly to formulate proposals for an alternative Cup Match experience. In closing, Somerset Cricket Club wish to thank all fans and sponsors of Cup Match for their continued support over the years and look forward to 2022 with cautious optimism.”


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  1. puzzled says:

    They sound like the BIU.
    To keep a cup…..

  2. Otrwele says:

    Well done Somerset!!. Because this government has no clue what it takes to put on cupmatch! Besides why would we celebrate freedom on this day with draconian policies.? Makes no sense

  3. The ‘REAL’ Mr. Cup Match’ says:

    All they had to do is prepare a team.. since they’re so ‘good’, send the same team that they’ve selected for the past 5yrs… they e handled us easily right…

    I call them chicken s$&ts…

    They’re scared of the can of whoop-arse that we have coming their way!!!

    If only our forefathers had foreseen something like this ever happening… there should have been a clause to prevent or punish either team for declining the ‘Challenge Letter’ with the forfiet of the match along with the relinquishing of the Cup in the event of match forfeit

    Just ruined everyone’s summer… idiots!!!

    • Who cares says:

      Just a bunch of gyys throwing and hitting a ball! Who cares?! Not me! I get 2 nice days off on my private white sand beach!

  4. David Semos says:

    Seems like a goodtime to just have a friendly match, maybe like it was in the beginning with out all the consideration about money.

  5. Didn’t see this coming! says:

    It’s a cricket game. It could have been played with no fans. Televised for all to watch.

    The government dragged their feet too long. Why weren’t they offering to assist. Oh yeah, the government has emptied the cookie jar and there is nothing left, not even a crumb. Bermuda we are in trouble. Economic disaster is looming!

  6. aaron says:

    well… make it St.Geo vs CupMatch21 …a team of ANYONE that wants to play that can make the team AFTER TRIALS. DO NOT cancel a tradition because of these WITHOUT them for this year. ALSO STRIP THEM OF THE CUP and make them FIGHT for it back next year. NO ONE has the cup this year.

  7. Unbelievable says:

    Sad news. Not totally unexpected but sad nonetheless.

    Here’s a solution…if the game must go on (even if it’s not official), why not select teams of players from either side and have a game at a central venue? It won’t be official, no, but at least we know that this game is so beloved to all of us that the people took matters into their own hands. It will make for a great story 50 years from now.

    Somerset and St. George’s can sit this one out again.

  8. aceboy says:

    Hamilton Parish vs Sandys.

    Best of 3 20/20 Matches played on Thursday (one game) and Friday (one and possibly two games, morning and potentially afternoon).


  9. Question says:

    Like we care.

  10. Bermudian doe Genwrations says:

    The blame lies at the feet of the government. Period.
    Ridiculous restrictions all the while when
    The rest of the world is opening up and welcoming customers.
    They destroyed our chances. Accept it. Own it.

  11. truth says:

    SCC should tell the truth players don’t want to play because they feel undone because SCC are not hosting as they last played in ST.George

  12. Joe Bloggs says:

    Blue and blue!

    • Mark says:

      Who cares – at least we still get the holiday.

  13. Logic says:

    Likely more to it than that and also likely quite justifiable. The true vibe of the holiday is just not even there/here, based on current circumstances again. Maybe each parish do their own backyard style cricket game and picnic style up, like some had done last year. Make it smaller groups of play for each area…less commercialism and less excess but still creating a good vibe for each area.

  14. Calvin McDonald Swan says:

    As for Somerset having to give up the Trophy because they are withdrawing that’s a decision between the 2 Clubs they run Cup match

  15. Triangle Drifter says:

    Go back to your roots. Get a central neutral venue. No need for a manicured pitch.

    Anyone who wants to play can play. The only requirement is that if you live in Paget & westward you play for the west. If you live in Devonshire & eastwards you play for the east.

    If you have more than enough who want to play, rotate so that everyone gets a turn.

    Who needs those clubs? Get out there & have some fun, trash talk& all.

  16. Smiles says:

    With no Cup Match for the 2nd consecutive year, this not only disappoints us, it knocks out all our international neighbors that return visit just for this game. Now, the prison hotel order is in play tomorrow, so that is also a problem. The Labor dispute may come back into play as well. That creates transportation headaches.
    Under whose watch is all this happening? You guessed it! The reputation of our Poor Losing Poopers. The World watches our archaic way of doing things. Other sporting Stadiums are packed to capacity, no Masks! We can’t even hold a match, and we only have 10 monitored cases.
    I can’t talk Bermuda up. I HAVE NO TRUST IN THIS GOVERNMENT!! They hide to much information, they leave to many questions unanswered to often. I feel bitter toward them. It is getting to the point I am going to start laughing about everything negative going on here that Gov’t shirks off. They are a laughing play on the world Stage.