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July 9, 2021

Jache Adams Bermuda March 29 2021[Opinion column written by MP Jache Adams]

The Trustees of the National Sports Centre [‘NSC’] have been exploring how to decrease their over half million dollar annual energy costs since 2017. The installation of an energy-saving microgrid system, projected to be completed by January 2022, will result in greater efficiency, significant savings and will also reduce the environmental footprint.

As required by the Code of Practice for Project Management and Procurement an advertisement was placed in January 2018 inviting expressions of interest from local providers. The companies that responded met with the NSC Trustees March 2018 and were provided with additional details of the proposed project. Each company was then invited to submit proposals.

A subcommittee was appointed to review the submitted proposals and make a recommendation to the Trustees. Their recommendation to proceed with Atlantic Energy Solutions Group Limited’s [‘AESG’] bid was submitted to the NSC Chairman August 2018.

The sub-committee followed this up by having the proposals reviewed independently by a large local contracting and engineering company. This company supported the sub committee’s recommendation as AESG’s bid was comprehensive and provided value for money for taxpayers. In September 2018 a letter was sent on behalf of the NSC Trustees to notify AESG of their successful bid.

It must be noted that AESG received the letter and signed a Letter of Intent with the NSC prior to one of the company executives, Mr. Damon Wade, being duly and democratically elected Chairman of the Progressive Labour Party.

After three years of extensive review and analysis by the Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Cultural Affairs & Sport, and Ministry of Finance, approval was granted by the respective Ministers. The contract was then reviewed by the Attorney General’s Chambers prior to execution.

All payments disbursed to AESG have been in accordance with the contract and AESG provides the NSC with weekly reports of their progress also as per the contract.

There has been a significant amount of fake news and sensationalized headlines about this contract that are often more interesting than the truth. The reality is, AESG did not receive any special consideration but rather is a well qualified, experienced and reputable Bermudian firm that successfully won a public tendering bid.

It’s really sad and regretful that certain people in our community still look at some of the qualified Bermudian-owned businesses that have been awarded government contracts as being corrupt.

On the other hand there are “other” businesses – including those tied to the OBA – that do not attract the same level of scrutiny.

In response to claims of forging signatures, the misuse of public funds, and the like, this is categorically untrue. It is very offensive to suggest that this happened. This clearly is a sign that there continues to be a divide in our community where the historically disadvantaged are seen as corrupt and the historically privileged are seen as deserving.

I am excited to see this project begin as it is designed to meet the NSC Trustees 2017 overall objectives to have cheaper energy, cleaner energy and a more efficient facility and it is encouraging that these will be delivered by a Bermudian-owned company!

- MP Jache Adams, National Sports Center Chairman


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  1. Richard OLSON says:

    Why did it take years to make a decision that seems a “ No Brainer “ is the question taxpayers should be most concerned about………..

  2. Speedy says:

    3 years to make a decision!!! Who was in charge the same people as the bus schedule…. Not much content in that statement.

  3. wahoo says:

    Well surely you can understand how people could jump to conclusions. Can you divulge the other bid amounts and who the “large contracting and engineering company” is/was? Remember that the PLP have cost this island $4 Billion and we have nothing to show for it – nothing not even paved roads or busses driving on them.

  4. Martin Bolton says:

    Why can’t they provide the names of the other bidders?