Minister: Parish Primary School Decision Delayed

July 1, 2021 | 2 Comments

The announcement on parish primary schools has been delayed until the end of July, the Government said today, explaining that the additional time will be used to “listen, consider and analyze the feedback.”

Minister of Education Diallo Rabain released a statement to “advise of a delay in the announcement of his decision regarding the proposal for parish primary schools.”

Minister Rabain said, “Initially, I indicated that the outcome of the consultation process would be communicated by the end of the current school year. However, during the consultation process, 20 public, parish, and stakeholder meetings were held, and I received 131 submissions of over 300 pages involving over 1000 unique consultees.”

“As a result of the views and feedback received, more time is required to develop and prepare these critical decisions. Therefore, I have decided to announce the decisions on parish primary schools at the end of July instead.”

Minister Rabain concluded, “The additional time will be used to continue the careful preparation of decisions that reflect my commitment to listen, consider and analyze the feedback, and the views from persons with a shared stake in improving the quality of education for all of the young people that we serve.”

The proposal involves reducing the amount of primary schools we have from 18 to 10, with an aim to “deliver 21st century learning facilities.”

List extracted from proposal’s executive summary, for context please read the full document [PDF]

Primary school consulation list bermuda dec 2020

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  1. kevin says:

    Pretty scary stuff not sure the rationale in at least one closure that being in St. Georges Both St.Georges Prep and st. davids have consistantly out performed east end but this government is wanting to keep east end open …go figure
    but this is a plp government who only want to get re-elected ,,,no concern on whats best just what will get them re-elected …its in all facets of our society
    Finance – Economics- Social – Law
    The Need for Power Reigns supreme

  2. Warrior says:

    I totally agree.

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