Bus Service: ‘Tentative Agreement Was Reached’

August 18, 2021

[Updating] “The parties have agreed to meet again this evening to mutually determine a way forward,” the Government said this evening [Aug 18] in regards to the labour dispute which has resulted in the island being without bus service since Monday.

A Government spokesperson said, “Over the past few days, the Ministry of Labour has worked with all parties to resolve the matter of the dispute between the Bermuda Industrial Union and the Department of Public Transportation.

“The parties have agreed to meet again this evening to mutually determine a way forward. As a result, the Minister of Labour has not yet referred the matter to the Employment and Labour Relations Tribunal. It is hoped that the outcome of this evening’s meeting will lead to an agreement that is in the best interest of the workers, the public bus service users and the Government.

The Minister of Labour Jason Hayward commented, “The Government continues to address the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic and jobs crisis, in addition to the many initiatives to re-start Bermuda’s economy. A stoppage of public bus transportation is not desirable under these conditions.”

Update 8.25pm: The Premier just tweeted, “Resolution has been reached on bus issue, details on service resumption to be issued later this evening.” We will update once we receive the statement.

Update 9.38pm: A Government spokesperson said, “This evening, the Department of Public Transportation and the Bermuda Industrial Union met, and a tentative agreement was reached. It will be proposed at a BIU Bus Division members meeting at 8:00 am tomorrow, 19 August. If ratified, it is anticipated that the service will resume at around noon.”

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  1. Wing nut says:

    Good publicity.

  2. Ringmaster says:

    As long as it’s no work. no pay, leave them alone. The minibuses are providing a service so let’s see how long the bus drivers will last without pay.

  3. wahoo says:

    Yay, this is so important. I wish the Union and Government spent more time discussing our debt and missing financial reports.

    • Dunn juice says:

      You mean the 800k to the invisible entertainer!! Police commissioner says there still investigating.
      I still have that bridge for sale too.

  4. hair says:

    Hope they are not getting paid!!!

  5. comfortably numb says:

    ‘Buses will resume around noon”. Just like the emperor’s news conferences will start at 5:30 or later depending how the emperor feels. Can anyone explain why resumption of service begins FOUR hours after the meeting? They all have phones: couldn’t the relevant information have been sent to all drivers via WhatsApp or email or does that make too much sense?

  6. Mini B says:

    gotta allow them time to get their diapers changed.

  7. puzzled says:


    Or ‘Tenticles’.

    The union reach is far and wide and it sucks.

    Write that down on ‘Puzzled’s’ – This day in History.