Duffy: #1 In Female Triathlete Google Searches

August 8, 2021

Almost two weeks after racing to victory to win Bermuda’s first ever Olympic gold medal, people around the globe are still ‘Googling’ Bermuda’s Flora Duffy.

She was in the top sports search trends overall after her win, and according to Google’s stats, as of this morning [Aug 8], she remains the #1 searched female triathlete in the world.

A look at the data showing the past week of Google searches for female triathletes:

Shortly after her medal win Google Trends showed her as the top trend in both New Zealand and Switzerland, and for the next few hours that night, her name also showed as 11th for real time searches in sports worldwide, and 30th in all categories in real time worldwide searches.

With multiple world championships and an Olympic gold medal, she has cemented herself in Bermuda history, and she also appears to have made some Bermuda cyber-history as well, as while we cannot state for sure as historical records are not available, we are not aware of any other Bermudian having being ranked so high in the worldwide Google Trends.

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