Keep Haiti In Thoughts, Lend Support If Can

August 18, 2021 | 10 Comments

In the wake of tragic events in Haiti, the Premier of Bermuda David Burt shared sentiments on behalf of the Government of Bermuda.

Premier Burt said, “The people of Haiti have once again experienced a devastating earthquake that has left the country, and her people directly affected by the catastrophic damages. The images emerging from Haiti are heartbreaking. We have learned from the communications coming from Haiti that damages to the country’s infrastructure, food and water sources and health services are severely impacted.

“The Government of Bermuda recognises the work of the Red Cross and other local charities that are assisting in Haiti. I am asking all residents to keep the people of Haiti in your thoughts, prayers and lend any support if you can.”

“At least 1,941 people are known to have died in Haiti in Saturday’s powerful earthquake – a rise of more than 500 on the previous figure, officials say,” the BBC report.

“Rescue workers have managed to pull 34 people alive from the rubble but many are still missing after the 7.2-magnitude quake. The search for survivors has been hampered by heavy rains brought this week by Tropical Storm Grace. Nearly 10,000 people have been injured and hospitals were left overwhelmed.

“The UN says about 500,000 children now have limited or no access to shelter, safe water and food.”

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  1. puzzled says:

    And the irony is he does not keep or present the situation/s in Bermuda.

    Thyme for change.

    • Tatty says:

      Have mercy for others. You are blessed here. He is highlighting the tragedy in Haiti. I am sure if Bermuda were to experience such sadness others would empathize.

      • wahoo says:

        We have suffered financial and social disasters year after year due to hurricane PLP and typhoon BIU. Nobody has come to our aid.

  2. N / A says:

    Maybe we should be highlighting why the infrastructure of Haiti is so poor, rendering them vulnerable of earthquakes. Because the evil nation of FRANCE demanded Haiti compensate them the equivalent of 21 Billion for wanting to be free of French slavery. France considered Haiti wanting freedom from slavery as a loss of property and threatened military action if Haiti didn’t pay. So instead of Haiti using 21 Billion to build schools, healthcare, their infrastructure etc., they had to give it to their colonizer. Yet we are brainwashed enough to pray for France when they have tragedies.

    • Question says:

      Oh yeah. Nothing to do with intergenerational corrupt leadership, papa doc and baby doc. Bribery, extortion, punitive taxes, rake-offs, self-dealing, terrible human rights, no rule of law, no foreign trade. That’s why Haiti is dirt poor.

      • Ladeej says:

        You just dismissed facts just to confirm your own bias! France has a lot to answer for, concerning Haiti and the former French colonies in Africa. Know the truth!,

        • Question says:

          Yeah, well I think we all know why you want to ignore the multigenerational corruption, incompetence, extortion, bribery, rake-offs, stealing, terrible human rights, no rule of law, no foreign trade. That’s why Haiti is dirt poor, Why won’t you admit it? The usual reason?

          • PBanks says:

            Can’t it be both, or rather one thing allowed the next thing to happen more easily?

            France and the US screwed Haiti over.
            Corrupt and or misguided leadership screwed Haiti over.
            Natural disaster exacerbates the situation for the citizens every so often.

        • truthhertz says:

          “You just dismissed facts just to confirm your own bias!”

          And so did you.

  3. Ringmaster says:

    In my thoughts yes, but money, no. Same as Oxfam and all the other “charities”. The money does not get to those in need.

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