Bacardi Celebrates Black-Owned Businesses

September 16, 2021

Bacardi Limited is celebrating Bermuda’s black-owned bars and restaurants with the release of their digital magazine entitled Bacardi Celebrates, and is the first in a series, with future editions to “focus on women-owned businesses, the LGBTQ+ community, and highlight the diverse landscape and rich cultural heritage of the island.”

A spokesperson said, “Family-owned Bacardi Limited, with global headquarters in Bermuda, has released ‘Bacardi Celebrates,’ a digital magazine that promotes and celebrates black-owned bars and restaurants on the island.

“This special edition online magazine is part of ongoing efforts by Bacardi to support the hospitality industry, with a focus on underrepresented groups, and is the first in a series.

Bacardi Celebrates Black-Owned Bars & Restaurants Bermuda Sept 2021

“Future editions will focus on women-owned businesses, the LGBTQ+ community, and highlight the diverse landscape and rich cultural heritage of the island.”

Bacardi Limited Managing Director, Doug Mello, said, “As a family-owned business for seven generations, we take great pride in how we show up for our people and our communities.

“We are committed to discovering impactful ways to contribute to the communities in which we live. This inaugural Bacardi Magazine highlighting Black-Owned bars and restaurants in Bermuda is a way to support those that have always supported us.”

The spokesperson said, “Within the digital publication, readers can expect to find a series of interviews with local, well-known owners, along with recipes for Bacardi cocktails from across the portfolio, and a map of black-owned establishments.

“The goal is to help share the stories behind some of the black-owned bars and restaurants in Bermuda and to encourage residents and tourists alike to visit these businesses and help drive the local economy.

“Bacardi has been driving various initiatives in Bermuda aimed at bringing more awareness to the hospitality industry and supporting those hardest hit by the pandemic. As part of the global #RaiseYourSpirits program, which launched in March 2020, Bacardi donated more than 3,000 food items and 900 grocery vouchers to local bartenders.

“In June 2021, Bacardi also helped sponsor the Jerusalema Dance Challenge video aimed at encouraging residents to dine out and support local restaurants and bars.

“Readers can access the digital publication via this link.”

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  1. What about us ? says:

    We buy (or now used to buy) Bacardi products for our bars too! But that’s OK always another channel available!

  2. S. Outerbridge says:

    Congrats to all! Tobacco bay and Woody’s are two of my favorite and I have seen all of them work hard in the industry for years.

  3. Sherman B says:

    Amazing and well done. Great choice of individuals!!! Thank you Bacardi

  4. Acegirl says:

    I think I am missing something here. In any other situation this would be called out and out discrimination Mr Mello. How can you celebrate diversity and a rich cultural heritage if you choose to highlight only two specific groups? I am sure we will now hear of the impact of the Portuguese and all other ethnic groups that helped create the Bermuda of today.

    • Melanin pride says:

      One thing whenever black people are the face of something there’s always that one person who has an issue with it just can’t let black people be great inna kills people when they are smfh!

  5. Kevin Smith says:

    Wonderful gesture from Barcardi. Don’t know why some people got to hate on them . They maybe trying to level the playing field. They only just started this campaign and eventually they’ll probably include many others