Warwick Academy Rededicates Flora Duffy Pool

October 16, 2021 | 3 Comments

Warwick Academy welcomed Olympic gold medalist Flora Duffy back to school on Friday as they rededicated the swimming facility named in her honour.

“The pool deck was renovated and a new rubber surface was installed with her name. In addition the board had to be updated with all the world titles she has won since the original dedication in 2017,” a spokesperson said.

“Flora spoke fondly of her fond memories at Warwick with the friendships she made and learning to swim in the pool that now bears her name, as highlights. Resilience, sacrifice, hard work and surrounding yourself with true friends and family, Flora said, are some of the key elements to what she attributed to her success.

“Warwick Academy is grateful to the advertising partners Butterfield and Vallis, Deloitte, Lindo’s and Clarien Bank that funded the renovation to the pool deck.”

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  1. saud says:

    Thanks to the class of 1985 for actually building the pool.

    You’re welcome :)

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