Bermuda Festival To Be Live This Year

February 11, 2022

The Bermuda Festival of the Performing Arts has announced that this year’s iteration of the event will be live.

A spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Festival of the Performing Arts is thrilled to announce that the 2022 Festival will be live.

“Over the past two years, the Festival has taken the opportunity analyse and implement many of the changes that our audiences and sponsors have suggested in past post Festival surveys. The pause in live performances gave the Festival the space it needed to implement many of these changes. The most notable change is the timing of their seasons. 2022 will mark the transition to their new format.

“Festival 2022 will run from the middle of March to the middle of May 2022. The transition to the new format will take place over the summer and the following festival season, Festival 2022/23 will run from September 2022 to May 2023. In this new structure the Festival will no longer be concentrated into a small window of time.

“Smaller groupings of shows will take place in three different time periods occurring in the fall, winter and spring. The Festival will continue to offer a variety of world class performers and performance genres during every Festival season.”

Cindy Campbell, Executive Director, said, “The goal is to make the Bermuda Festival shows more accessible to more people by reducing the concentration of shows to only the winter months of January, February and March. This change also allows us to have a greater Outreach impact on the island as it affords us the opportunity to have some artists come in for weeklong residencies.

“These residencies will enable the Festival to provide enhanced opportunities for students, teachers, local performers and many other populations to more fully explore the visiting artist’s performance genre and to grow their own personal skills and appreciation.”

The spokesperson said, “One of the features of the Bermuda Festival for which they are most proud is their cultural student outreach programmes. In 2020, before the pandemic, fully 25% of all students [public, private, and home-schooled] attended one of the Festival’s cultural outreach sessions.

“The new Festival timeframe will enable the Festival to expand their outreach programme and provide more opportunities for students to participate in one of their programmes.

“Another change audiences will notice is that the Festival is expanding their performance locations from the traditional theatres to include alternative venues for smaller shows that will travel to the east, west and central parishes and to shows that will be held in their new performance tent.

“The spring 2022 Festival will be slightly smaller than normal with only six different artists, but there are 13 different shows. This format will help the Festival recover from the economic challenges of the past two years and get ready for Festival 2022/23.

“The Festival will soon be announcing the show line-up for the 2022 Festival so stay tuned for exciting information about upcoming live shows.”

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