Cost Of Two Trips By Minister: $8,331 & $9,055

February 10, 2022 | 5 Comments

A trip in September/October 2021 by Minister of Finance Curtis Dickinson to New York for the Climate Risk Finance roadshow cost $9,055.70 and a trip in November/December 2021 the second roadshow in New York cost $8,331.72, according to recent listings on the Government’s travel webpage.

Climate Risk Finance Road Show: $9,055.70

The listing said, “The Minister, accompanied by Member of Parliament, Mr. Jache Adams, JP. MP., led a delegation of BDA representatives to a roadshow on ‘Climate Risk Finance’ in New York City. The purpose of the roadshow was to introduce Bermuda’s strengths, strategy, and aspirations on being the Climate Risk Finance capital of the world.

“The Minister held a number of high level meetings with some of New York’s leading law firms, advisers, and asset managers, highlighting Bermuda’s core competitive advantages as a capital for climate risk finance, and a hub for climate tech innovation. These firms represent revenues of $3.28 billion, and maintain offices in 54 cities worldwide.

“The Minister shared with these firms, Government’s recent climate and Environmental Social and Governance [ESG] commitments, along with Bermuda’s unique island location and innovative spirt, which has inspired Bermuda to embrace sustainability and risk mitigation practices for 400 years.

“The Minister also emphasized the many reasons why Bermuda would be the ideal location in which to domicile and operate global business-to-business financial services firms, noting our commitment to transparency and quality business; our proven track-record in climate-driven catastrophe [re]insurance, and our stellar reputation as a quality financial services centre.

“The Minister concluded that he was confident that this new sector would emerge as a pillar of Bermuda’s word class market, fostering additional investment, employment, and career prospects for Bermudians.”


  • Air Travel: $ 1,152.00
  • Ground Transportation: $ 1,147.97
  • Accommodation: $ 6,004.41
  • Meals: $ 451.32
  • Miscellaneous: $ 300.00
  • Total costs: $ 9,055.70


Climate Risk Finance Road Show: $8,331.72

The listing said, “The Minister, accompanied by a Ministry of Finance official, led a delegation of BDA representatives, leaders from the BMA, BSX and the private sector, to the BDA’s second roadshow on ‘Climate Risk Finance’ in New York City. The Bermuda delegation met with leading global capital allocators, who have combined assets under management of nearly $11 trillion.

“The Minister reinforced in the meetings that Bermuda must continue to grow and diversify its economy, noting that opportunities in the Climate Risk Finance space, deserved to be a priority focus. The Minister also reiterated Bermuda’s core competitive advantages as a capital to domicile and do business, and around Climate Risk Finance, including our key market strengths, superior human capital, and our excellent reputation as a first-class financial services centre for international regulatory compliance, etc.

“The delegation was very well received, and it is anticipated that further Climate Risk Finance roadshows will be planned for 2022. All roadshow participants were invited to visit Bermuda for our inaugural Bermuda Climate Summit planned in February, 2022.”


  • Air Travel: $ 1,205.00
  • Ground Transportation: $ 1,141.94
  • Accommodation: $ 5,157.37
  • Meals: $ 752.41
  • Miscellaneous: $ 75.00
  • Total costs: $ 8,331.72

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  1. comfortably numb says:

    If there is one person in government who knows how dire our financial position is it would be Mr Dickinson. How can he justify first class flights, $1000 a night hotels and extremely fine dining while on the country’s business? Has he not discovered Zoom yet? I remember traveling from JFK – BDA when negotiations for the America’s Cup were ongoing and was pleasantly surprised to see Grant Gibbons taking his seat in economy. If only the PLP members could practice the same economy with the people’s money.

  2. Bernews Reader says:

    Lol on the $75 miscellaneous expense. Is that Travel Authorization fee?

  3. rotten onion says:

    30-6. Thats the licks you get.

  4. Joe Bloggs says:

    The September-October trip was for 4 nights, so average accommodation cost is $1,501 per night!

    The November-December trip was also for 4 nights, so the average accommodation cost is $1,289.25 per night!

    When I go to New York I stay in a nice suite in a nice hotel for about $300 per night. Quite a difference!

  5. Rig says:

    Pick on Burt and his interest in his fintech advisory firm, not this.

    Nothing to see here, serious businessman spending what it costs.

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