City Re-Engages Parking Enforcement Officers

April 8, 2022

The City of Hamilton said they have “re-engaged the services of their Parking Enforcement Officers and as of April 7, 2022, they are now fully active in the City of Hamilton.”

A spokesperson said, “The City has four Parking Enforcement Officers [PEOs] who were employed by the City in August of last year to assist with ensuring equal parking and vehicular access opportunities across Hamilton.

“Previously, such enforcement was carried out by Traffic Wardens via the Bermuda Police Service [BPS]. Members of the public should note that these PEOs have been lawfully granted the power to issue tickets.”

“At the City of Hamilton, we set the parking rules, so it just made sense for us to enforce them,” explained City CEO Dwayne Caines. “The PEOs will ensure that everyone has good access to parking in the City. It’s a small City – everyone is competing for space – so we want to ensure that parking bays turn over as they should and that specially-designated bays such as loading zones, City resident parking, disabled parking, taxi parking and one-hour parking are used for the functions and populations for which they were intended.

“The idea is not to ticket people indiscriminately; we want to use the visibility of these officers to change people’s behaviours and dissuade bad parking habits. The officers are not here to be punitive but, rather, to make the public aware of any bad parking practices and to enforce parking in the City. ‘

:For example, if there is someone double parked in the street and still in their vehicle, officers will simply ask them to move along. They will only write a ticket if that individual does not move after being told to do so. Also, if signs or road markings are not clear, they will not issue tickets.”

A spokesperson added, “The officers will be in regular communication with area businesses regarding any parking challenges they might be having. As a reminder to the public, all vehicles [including motorcycles] are not allowed to park on the sidewalks. This means that cleaning companies, construction companies and security companies are not permitted to park on the sidewalks.

“The officers can be identified by their blue City of Hamilton uniforms. For more information about parking in the City go here and here.”

Parking in the City Bermuda April 2022

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  1. WTF says:

    No parking = no shopping. COH destroys small business with draconian charges and no perks for those who legitimately are in Hamilton spending $ in businesses and restaurants! I can’t go to lunch as it takes too long to park and walk downtown! Oh well they will figure it out one day too late!