Column: ‘The OBA’s Latest Ill-Conceived Strategy’

May 23, 2022

[Opinion column written by Senator Owen Darrell]

The OBA’s latest ill-conceived strategy is that we forget what they have done, and forget the damage they have caused to our country while seeking to block progress and change. History can not be rewritten.

They want you to forget that they are the same party that promised not to drop term limits and a month later broke that promise.

They want you to forget that they are the same party that oversaw the decline in Bermudian jobs in tourism while employment of non-Bermudians grew.

They want you to forget that they are the same party that tried to open the immigration floodgates and further marginalize Bermudians in our own country.

They want you to forget that this is the same party whose Airport and Morgan’s Point deals continue to cost Bermudians millions of dollars and severely handicap our economic recovery.

They want you to forget how they spent over $100 million of taxpayer’s money on America’s Cup. According to their own Economic Impact Report, only 16% of the people that economically benefited were Black Bermudians.

I would want you to forget these things if I were them.

We in the PLP know that we have not always gotten everything right, but we are continuing to make steady progress towards a better, fairer Bermuda.

There is cause for optimism as Global Rating Agencies celebrate Bermuda’s fiscal prudence and good governance, tourists return to our shores, and Bermudians begin to return to work. Our Economic Recovery Plan is positively impacting our economy. The tax relief given to Bermuda’s lowest-paid workers is putting more money into the pockets of so many Bermudians.

We have expanded maternity leave, introduced paternity leave, and expanded protection for Bermudian workers. While we have a lot to be proud of, especially as we recover from a once in a hundred-year global pandemic, we recognize that there is much more work that we are committed to do.

In the months ahead, we will be championing:

  • A Living Wage to put more money in the pockets of underpaid hard-working Bermudians
  • Healthcare Reform to drive down the cost of healthcare and ensure that all Bermudians have access to high quality affordable health care.
  • Education Reform to give our children the world-class education and facilities they deserve and need to prepare them for success in 21st century Bermuda

Yet as we champion these things and develop many more policy initiatives to improve the lives of Bermudians, the OBA shows no interest whatsoever to see these positive initiatives become a reality for our people.

As they seek to get you to forget who they are and what they have done, we know that the OBA will continue to stand up for big businesses and employers who significantly profit from the status quo, which results in so many Bermudians continuing to suffer.

Today, I issue a series of challenges to the OBA. First, I challenge you as the Opposition to continue to hold the Government accountable. Secondly, I challenge you to do a better job of fairly and honestly highlighting areas where we could do better. I challenge you to bring forward new and innovative ideas instead of pessimism, negativity, and obstructionist thinking. Finally, I challenge you to work positively on behalf of the people of Bermuda as we move out of the pandemic.

- Senator Owen Darrell

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  1. sandgrownan says:

    There it is, the most idiotic I’m likely to read all day and it’s only 8:43 in the morning.

    The stupid burns brightly in Owen Darrell.

    • Rig says:

      Agree fully, this is an incredibly arrogant piece, how on earth did the electorate think putting this guy in power was a good idea?

      In fact all I see from the PLP is arrogance, when in truth Bermuda is on its knees and about to get worse.

    • Yahoo says:

      It is quite impressive that this clown is able to pen something dumber than the drivel published by Famousssss. This entire piece is pure fiction.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        I think Betty wrote it for him.. lol

    • kevin says:

      This is probably the dumbest statement a plp rep has ever released he or they are that clueless or they are brainwashed in believing this even try to put the blame of our economic state on anybody else but the plp shows how little he understands or how stupid he thinks anyone who reads it could possibly be .. Americas cup generated 200 million + for Bermuda …the airport is the best deal and guess what we have a beautiful airport covid hurt the travelling public but lets compare the plp built a new hospital knowing we would have a shortfall every quarter and have to pay millions ..guess that was smart think …wanna talk about the missing millions or botched projects Berkeley-Port Royal – Police HQ-Grand Atlantic – Kings wharf – look at the state of our emergency services ……..look at the state of simple stuff – roads.. Owen start listening to the truth and get off the BS being fed to you ..

  2. dunn juice says:

    Burt coin has to be telling these dreamers to just say something!

  3. saud says:

    You can tell when a government has no plan, no ideas and is scraping the bottom of the barrel….they simply keep pummeling the opposition with fabricated lies.
    It’s hilarious, and sad.
    Face it, plp, you’re a failure.

  4. Hey says:

    What a smoke and mirrors PLP propaganda piece the article is.

    Pathways to status despite all the rhetoric and fuss kicked up by the PLP is what the PLP are now doing.

    Morgan’s point cost was a decision by the PLP to take on the debt. The project could have continued. I believe there was a misunderstanding on what land would be gained by the PLP from the PLP triggering the guarantee. There was much less land than though . This to me was an opportunistic move by the PLP that back fired.

    The airport would have cost us $400 million and the interest on that debt if an alternative PLP approach was used. The revenue guarantees in place that were triggered during COVID with less flights would have had to be covered anyway as if PLP running the airport, the costs of running the airport and payment of debt interest would still have to be paid. PLP won’t tell you that will they. The airport was and is a good deal.

    Education.. 20 years and the PLP is still talking about education… show us the proof that the PLP has made a difference to the quality of Public education in that time. All I hear is posturing, shuffling of chairs and sound bites.

    Term limits was dropped,because it drove away jobs from Bermuda and money being spent on the island. There was an exodus caused by the PLP which for political rhetoric won votes, but cost the country dollars.

    Healthcare reform is going to cost us more. That was not what was needed. The PLP should have been looking to reduce the cost of healthcare. This is not a win PLP.

    Am sick of the spin politicians put out, and what for, it is certainly not to benefit Bermudians, but rather to try and protect their political power and political pockets.

    Tell me how the country and Bermudians have benefitted from 20 years of the PLP. Am listening. All I see is the costs increasing.

  5. CB2 says:

    This has to be the most random columns I’ve ever read. In this column we have a member of the current Government asking the opposition to hold them to account, all while framing the OBA to seem like they hold any power.

    If Mr. Darrell wanted to become a MP he could hold his own party to account from the inside. The attempt the pass the buck here is so blatant that it hurts to read.

    In future Mr. Darrell, please write columns on the business of the senate, maybe on how things could improve or how you were able to work with the OBA on something.

    We are tired of the finger pointing, we are tired of the “look what they did”.

    Please either act or just stay quiet like the rest of your party.

  6. Ringmaster says:

    The usual load of BS from the PLP “propaganda” machine. The OBA is irrelevant, as are 20 PLP MPs. The Cabinet has enough votes to push through anything it wants. No PLP backbencher will vote No. Why does the PLP keep going on and on to ask the OBA for ideas? The PLP is the Government and it’s a terrible indictment that they have had 20 years to Govern and still can’t, have no ideas to get Bermuda out of the mess they created and stay in permanent election mode.
    PLP – act as a Government for once.

  7. Unbelievable says:

    “The OBA’s latest ill-conceived strategy is that we forget what they have done, and forget the damage they have caused to our country while seeking to block progress and change. History can not be rewritten.”

    THAT is the most ridiculous opening I have ever read. Owen, mate, you have a lot of work to do. The PLP inherited a decent stable Govt in 1999. It took them about 15 years to completely set Bermuda on a path of no return. There is no return from this mess that the PLP has created.

    Look in the mirror, Owen. Really ask yourself, “Where did Bermuda’s current problems originate from?”

  8. unknown800k says:

    Its a toss up this puppet or Neville

  9. Toodle-oo says:

    All you guys above saved me a lot of typing .
    Thank you .

  10. Sorry Sir says:


    The PLP hold a 30-6 majority.

    Why on earth are you focused on the OBA. Focus on running the country.

    • Ringmaster says:

      This is the problem. In years to come Bermuda will become a case study for how the Government of a population of 60,000 incurred debts of $3.5 – $7bn in 20 years, and nothing to show for it. Bermudians, but not the PLP elite, will be the ones having to cope with the effects.

  11. DSimmons says:

    And this article pretty much sums up why the whole island state is in the way it is. The current PLP gov is stuck in opposition mode and would rather attack the previous gov rather than finding solutions to fix it. Young people are out of work, the elderly still have to work, buses are broken down, ferries are broken down, roads are a mess, education is in shambles, crime is up due to lack of employment opportunities, the travel autorisation is messing up tourism, education…. the list goes on. Put on your big boy pants and try to solve things or listen to the people who elected you.

  12. LOL says:

    Yes lets forget the oba ubp or whatever they try to called the party next. The party is like trying to refloat the anchor of the Titanic. They can’t even find quality candidates to help them.

  13. Double s says:

    “Know that the OBA will continue to stand up for big businesses and employers who significantly profit from the status quo”

    This from a Party who literally gave 15 years of tax concessions and a government guarantee to already wealthy developers. You’re Party is going to allow this developer to build hundreds of condos, tax free, that will be in direct competition with locals who do not have any tax breaks. You gave the same company years of payroll tax relief from the employers half whilst still requiring the employees to pay their half.

    This was a stupid article that lacks any for of self awareness. You want to trace the downside of Bermuda well look no further than the PLP administration’s of between 2006-2012. You know the ones who ran up $400m+ ANNUAL deficits.

    You have achieved nothing of any material significance in your last 5 year reign. Not one metric shows improvement. Of course that might not be the case if you’re a PLP insider.

  14. Question says:

    Bermuda is well on its way to being a failed state because of idiots like this, who provide utterly incompetent leadership and then blame everyone else.

  15. Turthhertz says:

    If the removal of term limits was so bad, as the Senator alludes to in his article, then it begs the question as to why the PLP has not reinstated them in the last 5 years since they regained power. Or maybe that comment, like the rest of this ironic opinion piece, is simply politricks.

  16. Joe Bloggs says:

    “History can not be rewritten.”

    Apparently, it can.