Cost For Load Of Water To Increase To $120

May 23, 2022

The Bermuda Water Trucker’s Association [BWTA] announced that the cost for a load of water is set to increase to $120, effective 1st June 2022.

The industry cited “absorbing rapidly increasing costs, having held the rate with no increase to the consumer throughout the pandemic, and since 2017.”

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  1. LovaDova says:

    While I understand cost to do business in Bermuda is going up I do believe Burt fought to stop the increase in gas/diesel so this shouldn’t be higher and water trucks get their pickups from underground lenses which I assume wouldn’t go up. Can someone explain why the price has gone from average $95/100 a load up to $120? I understand inflation but just want to understand the rationale for such a massive increase?

    • Micro says:

      Cost of everything else going up. Maintenance, parts, salaries, insurance, their cost of living.

  2. Bermudasince80's says:

    Let it rain…