Video: HSBC Introduce Global Water Programme

March 24, 2015

HSBC has launched their global Water Programme, a five year, $100 million partnership with Earthwatch, WaterAid and the World Wildlife Fund, three non-Governmental global organisations that rank amongst the world’s most respected environmental and sustainable development organisations.

These partnerships provide the necessary scale to deliver the powerful combination of water provision, protection and education, benefiting communities in need, enabling people to prosper, and driving economic development and growth.

The global HSBC Water Programme funds over 59 water projects in 35 countries, with HSBC anouncing that Bermuda is now included as a participant in this global initiative.

Richard Moseley, HSBC Bermuda CEO, said, “We were very fortunate to have secured funding from the Global Programme to support two projects in Bermuda. Both the HSBC Water Programme in partnership with Bermuda Zoological Society [BZS] and the project supported by Green Rock, will reinforce the important message of sustainability with specific focus on fresh water preservation.”


“We are delighted to partner with these local organisations on these important projects which focus on water access, cleanliness and preservation. Access to clean water is a global challenge and we are pleased to be actively involved here in Bermuda in helping to address this issue and educate our community and young people on the importance of sustainable water access.”

A spokesperson said, “One of the local projects will focus on the remediation of the Cloverdale and Evan’s Bay brackish ponds. These ponds act as a critical habitat for a diversity of wildlife including endemic and endangered species and are also temporary habitats for many seasonal migrating birds.

“Local studies have revealed that sediments in these ponds contain toxic levels of various contaminants which pose significant threats to pond species and the quality of water in the groundwater below, potentially impacting our fresh water supply.

“The sources of these contaminants include vehicle emissions, storm water run-off from roadways, and, to a lesser extent, pesticides and cesspits. BZS will focus its efforts on preventing further contamination of the ponds by diverting and filtering the storm water through sumps and treating it with adsorbent materials.

“Ponds will be cleaned via aeration of sediments to hasten hydrocarbon biodegradation and removal of invasive plant species while improving quality of the water.”

BZS representative, Lynda Johnson, said, “We are thrilled to have the support of HSBC for this project. The pilot phase of this local project will consist of the work we will undertake in relation to these two ponds, with a goal to expand to eight additional ponds selected in consultation with the Department of Conservation Services.

“The first step will be the diversion/filtering/aeration process on the initial two ponds. In addition to HSBC’s two year commitment to the project, this will be further supported by the Bermuda Government’s Department of Environmental Protection who, in collaboration with the Department of Public Works, will also contribute to the maintenance and replacement of the adsorbent materials in the relevant storm water treatment structures, to maintain the reduced levels of contaminants.”

“Additionally, over the five years of the Global Programme, HSBC through its partnership with ‘Earthwatch’, will seek to engage 7,500 HSBC staff volunteers worldwide to help facilitate its Water Programme research.”

“The ‘Citizen Scientist Leaders programme’ [CSL] will train employees on how to take measurements of water quality and upload data to ‘FreshWater Watch’ where scientists worldwide can access to help them better understand the quality of the world’s water sources. Employees from HSBC in Bermuda will have the opportunity to participate in this global initiative, collecting data from local ponds.”

“For the second project, leading environmental charity ‘Global Action Plan [GAP] UK’ and HSBC Bermuda collaborated with ‘Greenrock Bermuda’, introducing the Water Explorer Programme to the island’s schools in January 2015.

“The programme seeks to engage 9,000 students [ages 8-14 years] across 11 countries over a 2 year period, educating them on understanding where water comes from, how it affects lives and how to take practical action to protect and save water at home, at school and within local communities.”

Greenrock Executive Director, Gordon Johnson, said, “The provision of clean water and sanitation for a growing global population in a changing climate is one of the most challenging societal issues we face and it is the young people of today who will face the burden of water challenges in the future.

“Global programmes such as this, reinforced by collaboration amongst various stakeholders, will only help to drive the message of sustainability here in Bermuda.”

For further details on the Global Water Programmes, the Citizen Scientist Leadership Programme and how you can help, contact Clesia Realejo, Events, Sponsorship and Community Investment Manager at

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