MEF Presents $10K For Ukrainian Relief Fund

May 18, 2022 | 12 Comments

MEF Ltd — otherwise known as The Little Venice Group — today presented a cheque for $10,000 to the Bermuda Red Cross for their Ukrainian Relief Fund.

A spokesperson said, “A variety of fundraising initiatives were held by the group including a ‘Taste of Ukraine’ Brunch at Fourways where a percentage of sales were donated and raised over $1,500, which was then matched by a generous donor.

“Other initiatives included a $4 donation for every daily special dish sold at Little Venice, $1 for every guest at Fourways during the month of March, staff fundraisers at Blu and Aurora restaurants, and Bermuda Red Cross buckets at various restaurant locations.

Anastasiia Humeniuk, Emilio Barbieri, Oleksandr Serdega, Andreas Detzer, Alex Rech, Bermuda Red Cross Executive Director, Ann Spencer-Arscott, Viktoriya Korshunova

Little Venice Group & Bermuda Red Cross May 2022

“The efforts raised approximately $8,000 which was then rounded up to $10,000 by a donation from the Little Venice Group. In addition to the $10,000 donation, Harbourfront restaurant created a donation box that raised approximately $700.”

Ann Spencer-Arscott, Executive Director for Bermuda Red Cross expressed her gratitude to the Little Venice Group for their creative efforts in fundraising. “Knowing that LVG have Ukrainian staff makes this donation even more appreciated.

“Bermuda has been very generous with their continuous donations to the Red Cross Ukraine Appeal. To date and including this donation we have raised $436,000 of which $405,000 has been sent to British Red Cross. The tremendous support from LVG and other members of the community have been heartwarming and humbling.

“The funds raised will be used to support 8 million persons displaced within Ukraine and those 5 million who have managed to flee to neighbouring countries. An estimated 18 million people – or one third of Ukraine’s population – will need humanitarian assistance, which includes food, water, clothing, first aid, financial aid and psychosocial support.

“Here is a breakdown showing the value of some of the aid given:

  • $6 could provide 600 chlorine tablets to ensure that families have access to clean, safe water;
  • $13 could provide a hygiene kit to a family of 5, giving them supplies to stay healthy for a month;
  • $25 could provide 5 blankets to families taking shelter;
  • $125 could provide sleeping mats for 66 people who have been forced from their homes;
  • $262 could provide a fully equipped first aid kit, including supplies to a first aider treating the wounded.”

“Little Venice Group’s Ukrainian staff members Viktoriya Korshunova, Anastasiia Humeniuk and Oleksandr Serdega were on hand at the cheque presentation at Bermuda Red Cross headquarters along with Chairman, Emilio Barbieri, and Fourways General Manager, Andreas Detzer, and Fourways Restaurant & Cottage Manager, Alex Rech.”

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  1. THE CONTINENT Africa is entrenched in poverty.
    Decades and decades BEFORE the bombings in Ukraine. Yup!!! Racism lives on. Those that deliberately and permanently put that in place will not always wine and dine!!
    Nelson Mandela stated: “Poverty is man made”. Well, guess who did that??

    • Sandgrownan says:

      Agreed, Mugabe was a twat wasn’t he.

    • Question says:

      Get off your ass and raise some funds then.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      This is about providing for the victims of a war of aggression, not about alleviating the victims of poverty.

      For the record, Bermudians spend millions every year trying to help the impoverished in Haiti, the poorest nation in our hemisphere.

      But you are correct “Racism lives on”

      • saud says:

        “But you are correct “Racism lives on”

        Yes, in Bermuda, perpetuated by your chosen government. The most racist, homophobic and xenophobic government Bermuda has ever seen.

        • Wake up Bie says:

          Actually it’s you and the oba aka UBP perpetuating people of color to help win elections for so many years. It was ok back in the day, but now that everyone has left your party you want to use the race card. How about finding out why so my black voters departed from the UBPOBA over the years, You even changed the name because you tried to distance yourself from the mighty UBP which only worked for one election. Why you always fronting a black male as leader when the party is 95% white?

          • Joe Bloggs says:

            “You even changed the name”

            And there is the big lie repeated.

            Nothing “Wake up Bie” can be believed. He or she is an obvious PLP troll

          • saud says:

            Oh, do you know me?

            No, you don’t. You know nothing, except what you’re told to think.

            Why do so many Black Bermudians leave the island?
            Why are you so racist and homophobic?
            Claiming you’re oppressed and then oppressing others makes you no better than the people you hate.
            You vote based on skin colour…and you assume anyone who criticizes you is white.
            You’re not only wrong, you’re ignorant.

    • partyrockin says:

      @Straightforward, its much easier to cry racism and complain about what others have done than to do something yourself! Yes racism lives on, its has just manifested itself it some that look and think like you.

    • saud says:

      “Well, guess who did that??”


  2. Teresa M. Chatfield says:

    MEF has always endeavoured to raise funds for those affected by immediate crises- in this instance in the Ukraine it directly impacted our Ukrainian staff members and their families trapped in extremely difficult circumstances.

    Joe Bloggs refers to Haiti – where Bermudians have given not just money but time and effort – and MEF is proud of the fact that its most successful fund raiser ever was for Haiti after the earthquake in 2010 when $60,000 was sent – $30,000 to the Red Cross and $30,000 to Feed My Lambs.

    We will continue to work with the Bermuda Red Cross & other organisations who provide direct help and practical assistance and applaud all those who give their time and energy on behalf of others.

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