Top 10 Most Viewed Videos For May 2022

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During May 2022, Bernews posted hundreds of videos on our website, various social networks and on our dedicated video website Bernews.TV, and the most viewed video topic for the month was Bermuda Day, with the various Bermuda Day themed videos getting more than 150,000 views. In addition to the parade, other highly watched videos included the SailGP, a car crash and more.

As far as Facebook videos, the most viewed for the month was the Tree Tops II Preschool Bermuda Day parade with almost 20,000, on Instagram the most viewed for the month was Izzy Dutranoit winning the Bermuda Day win with over 10,000 views, and the most watched Twitter video was Bermudians setting up on Cedar Avenue in advance of Bermuda Day, and the most watched YouTube videos are below.

#1 – Live Replay, Bermuda Day Parade, May 27

#2 – Day 1: SailGP Racing In Bermuda, May 14

#3 – Second Day Of SailGP Racing In Bermuda, May 15

#4 – Interviews With People Set Up Night Before Bermuda Day, May 26

#5 – Damaged Car After Crash In East End, May 14

#6 – Bermuda Gombeys Open SailGP Event, May 14

#7 – Short | Bermuda Day Parade, May 27

#8 – Police Press Conference On Incident At Divots, May 10

#9 – Start Of The Bermuda Day Half Marathon, May 27

#10 – Police Confirm Body Found In St George’s, May 5

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