‘Drugs, Gangs & Corner Boys’ Talk On July 24

July 18, 2022

Raleigh Bermuda – in partnership with the Bermuda Police Service and Pathways Bermuda — will be hosting a community presentation entitled “Drugs, Gangs and Corner Boys” on Sunday, July 24th at the Warwick Seventh-Day Adventist Church Hall.

A spokesperson said, “This Sunday, July 24, 2022 at 6:00PM, Raleigh Bermuda in partnership with the Bermuda Police Service and Pathways Bermuda will be hosting an important community presentation on, “Drugs, Gangs and Corner Boys. Is my Child being Recruited?”. The community event is free but an RSVP is required. The event will be held at the Warwick Seventh-Day Adventist Church Hall.

“Hear from Raleigh Bermuda share their experiences and findings in working with young people regarding violence, gang recruitment, drugs, and street grooming. In 2020, she and her team developed and launched the “I am Brave” Programme for high school students which has become one of the most successful and impactful anti-violence and advocacy programme on island. Hear about the developments of their “I am Brave: Anti-Violence and Advocacy Programme” for high school students age 14-17 years old.

“Hear from the Bermuda Police Service share their knowledge in criminal statistics on the island, anti-social behaviour and grooming methods gangs use to recruit young people.

“Hear from Pathways Bermuda share what types of drugs are now being accessed and made available to our youth, as well as the drugs that are being sold on the streets. Pathways will provide information and education to the impacts and effects of these drugs on our youth.

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About the Speakers:

Ms. Dany Pen [Executive Director, Raleigh Bermuda].

“Dany Pen is the Executive Director of Raleigh International Bermuda. In 2020, she and her team developed and launched the “I am Brave” Programme for high school students which has become one of the most successful and impactful anti-violence and advocacy programme on island. She was also formerly the Commissioner of Human Rights in Bermuda, the Founder of Women’s A.C.T and has served on the Board of the VC Group of Companies as a Board of Advisor in Canada. In 2016 in Canada, she was honoured with the “World Builder” alum award from OCAD University for making substantive humanitarian contributions towards community and culture and recognised as an active citizen supporting global causes.

Police Constable Khalid Pitcher [Police Constable, Gang Targeting Unit]

“Police Constable Khalid Pitcher has been with the Bermuda Police Service since 2010. Police Constable Pitcher has experience working in various departments within the Police Service such as, Uniform Patrol, Narcotics Unit, and the Police Support Unit. He is currently attached to the Gang Targeting Unit and has familiarized himself with the gang culture in Bermuda. In 2019, Constable Pitcher completed an online course with The Gang Enforcement Academy. This course focused on gang intelligence, street gang evolution, gang crime, gang identification, communications, and the impact gangs have on society. Constable Pitcher then completed a Gang Investigation Course with the Federal Bureau of Investigation Gang Division. The training provided recognizing and understanding various types of gangs such as National Based Gangs, Transnational Gangs and Neighbourhood Based Gangs. The training also provided an input on investigative techniques used to investigate various gangs and their members. Also in 2019, Constable Pitcher attended an Anti-Gang training course held in Trinidad & Tobago at the Caribbean Institute for Security & Public Safety in partnership with the Miami Dade College School of Justice. The training program introduced anti-gang laws, identification and prevention for gang activity and the suppression of gang activity. The aim of the program was to assist and support with gang investigations. Police Constable Pitcher continues to work with the Bermuda Police Service and Partnering Agencies on Gang Awareness in Bermuda.

Ms. Camily Lovell [Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor]

“Camily Lovell is an Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor [ICADC] currently practicing with the Turning Point Substance Abuse Program of Bermuda Hospitals Board. She has recently broadened her scope of practice to include a Consultant Addictions Counselor position at Pathways Bermuda. Within these organizations, she provides both individual and group counseling for persons who are seeking healing and recovery from addiction to alcohol and drugs. Camily graduated from Ontario Tech University [formerly University of Ontario Institute of Technology] with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology and Justice. She then completed her Post-Graduate Degree in Addictions and Mental Health with Durham College and her Masters’ Degree in Human Services Counseling [Crisis and Trauma].

Motivated through her philosophy of creating healing through restoration and reconnection, she has provided therapeutic services in various settings such as residential treatment, intensive outpatient services, correctional facilities and alternative education.

Moderator: Justin Cann [Project Manager, Raleigh Bermuda & Junior Behavioral Therapist, Tomorrrow’s Voices]

“Justin Cann has been with Raleigh Bermuda for over 10 years with over a decade long experience working in the realm of Youth Development as a Project Manager. Realizing the need for more youth programming on island to tackle violence, Justin Cann would also be one of the main Raleigh alumni who would help Raleigh Bermuda launch the “I Am Brave” local programme in 2020.

“As a result of seeking a higher level of fulfillment in his day-to-day creative job as a freelance photographer, social media marketer and web developer, Justin decided he wanted to expand his knowledge in early childhood development. This passion evolved after caring for a family member on the autistic spectrum. Justin today is currently the Junior Behavioral Therapist at Tomorrrow’s Voice. Justin’s passion for children and his community really shows as he works towards growing and changing lives, one person at a time.”

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