Dunkley: A Full Report Needs To Be Made Public

August 11, 2022 | 15 Comments

[Updated] “How was Antoine Anderson able to escape from custody,” Shadow Minister for National Security Michael Dunkley said, adding that “the community needs to be assured that this won’t happen again and a full report on this concerning breach needs to be made public.”

This follows after Antoine Anderson, who has been convicted of murder, escaped from a facility in St. Georges yesterday, remaining at large for several hours until he was caught late in the evening.

Mr. Dunkley said, “The Minister of National Security and the Department of Corrections owe the people of Bermuda an explanation.

“How was Antoine Anderson able to escape from custody while at an East End correctional institution and how did he elude authorities for hours? How did this security breach occur? Was the escape abetted?

“This is totally unacceptable as it’s clear that someone or persons have dropped the ball.

“The One Bermuda Alliance believes that prisoners can and should be rehabilitated, but we cannot ignore the fact that Mr Anderson was jailed for murder in 2009 and a repeat violent offender, with a serious incident while incarcerated. No doubt his brief disappearance has caused angst in the community.

“The community needs to be assured that this won’t happen again and a full report on this concerning breach needs to be made public by the Minister and Department of Corrections.”

Update 9.23pm: A Government spokesperson said, “An investigation is underway regarding the escape of inmate Mr. Antoine Anderson from the Farm facility.

“This will include not only the circumstances of the escape but the risk assessments and reviews that were done that enabled him to be transferred to and remain at the Farm facility, which is an earned privilege.

“Mr. Anderson is currently in Police custody and will be returned to Westgate in due course. We appreciate the public’s patience as we carry out this investigation.”

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    Oh puhleeze MD, you could easily find a much better target than a prisoner going on walkabout for a few hours to blast away at.

    The PLP is more target rich than the Russians & way less capable of defending themselves.

    • Hmm says:

      Dunk is the very reason the oba circus has 6 clowns performing.

    • BermudaBelle says:

      An escaped MURDERER is not just a low risk prisoner out “ on walk-about”. it was reprehensible that the police did not warn people that it was such a dangerous prisoner. they only asked the public to be n the look out

    • trufth says:

      Excuse me while you bash Dunkley for your own personal and likely prejudiced reasons, but who in their right mind thinks it’s no big deal to have a murderer and a violent offender “out on a walkabout for a few hours?”
      This is not ok and if MD didn’t speak out, someone else should have.

      • saud says:

        The family of the murderer have no problem with him being on a ‘walkabout’.
        Bermudians have lost it.

  2. watching says:

    Agree totally that there needs to be an investigation but none of this is the responsibility or fault of the government. In his haste and desire to cast aspersions on the government, Dunkley loses logic. How can this be the fault of the Minister? Was he there in charge of the prisoner when he absconded? Of course not.

    • Question says:

      A dangerous murderer escaping while out farming is everything to do with national security. There should be an inquiry, and someone should be held accountable.

    • Black Dolpin says:

      What the hell was he doing down there in the first place with a record like his. Prison system is USELESS. The CRIMINAL doesn’t need to see the light of day a=especialy down at that resort.

    • saud says:

      ” none of this is the responsibility or fault of the government”

      LOL….tell me that when the ‘white’ party is in power.
      Your hypocrisy is thick, it’s blinding you and making you look like a complete, racist, fool.

  3. pink buoy says:

    Agreed, but can we just give them the benefit of the doubt and let Corrections and BPS do their investigations first. It’s literally 24 hours.

  4. sage says:

    He slipped out, they already told us.

    • puzzled says:

      And back to reality the inmate should not have been there for MURDER.
      Max Security.
      And yes Dunkley did over react.

    • Question says:

      That does not constitute an adequate explanation for a failure like this. Not in the real world.

  5. saud says:

    “…. none of this is the responsibility or fault of the government.”

    and that’s why you’re $4B in debt. LMFAO….please do something about your educational system…it’s spewing out people like you.

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