Video: Zen Marley Mello Wins Competition

August 4, 2022

Zen Marley Mello‘s impressive entry has won the Department of Culture’s 2022 Emancipation Youth Creativity Competition.

A Government spokesperson said, “The winner of the Department of Culture’s 2022 Emancipation Youth Creativity Competition is Zen Marley Mello, a 17-year-old CedarBridge Academy student, who won a $100 gift certificate for his submission of a video featuring an animated poem entitled ‘Never Bound.’


“Those who participated in the contest were asked to submit poems, videos, artwork or other forms of creative expression under the theme of ‘How can my community heal itself?”

Dr. Ernest Peets, the Minister of Youth, Culture, and Sport, said, “We’re pleased that our young people could engage in this activity, highlighting their perspective on how our community can heal itself.

“I was impressed with the submissions shared, and on behalf of the Ministry, I want to commend all of our young people who entered the contest.

“It was wonderful to meet Zen and talk with him about the skills he’s developing as an animator.”

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  1. Lion Paw says:

    Amazing thought pattern style and flow young man. Stay in your lane keep your speed let no one change your pace. The changes you are desiring will be the changes that will come.
    The darkest hours are before light. Congratulations

  2. Lol - the real one says:

    Congratulations! Well done.