Opening of Pinky’s Drive Thru Delayed

September 14, 2022

The opening of Pinky’s Drive Thru in Devonshire has been delayed, with the company apologizing for the delay which they said was ”related to a new on-site pit and approvals for the kitchen exhaust fans.”

A spokesperson said, “The target date to open Pinky’s Drive Thru was Monday, September 5. Staff recruitment had begun and training had started for several job positions. We have since learned that the opening will be delayed. The primary reason is related to a new on-site pit and approvals for the kitchen exhaust fans.

“With regard to the pit, a new underground pit was constructed on-site and although approved by one department, a different department has instructed a tank system instead of a pit system. While this did come as a surprise and the impact may be that the roadworks and pit may need to be excavated, it is important that with our proximity to the Devonshire Marsh, business activities are environmentally appropriate.

“With regard to the exhaust fans, additional permissions are required to be obtained and the related processes for this to occur has begun.

“We were quite surprised by the new developments, but we are choosing to focus on the best collaborative approach that will lead to the best way forward. We do have significant concern for the costs and time related to these matters, and the impact on staffing.

“Pinky’s has commenced hiring and training staff but having received notice of these matters, Pinky’s will likely cease startup operations until we are able to receive clarity from the Department of Planning regarding timelines for permissions and approvals to take place.

“The snowball effect of interruptions to large business projects carry incredible financial burdens and provide risk to viability. In our case, we again may need to seek additional funding. The snowball gets bigger with the 45 persons which will not be employed, and the lost revenue intended to service related debts.

“Pinky’s apologizes for the disappointment to both its new and pending employees and the general public. Our best hope is for expeditious resolution so that we can get back on track.”


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  1. Dejavu says:

    Why did you advertise that you was opening if you didn’t even have approval for your kitchen? Why would you also hire staff and how did you train them if the kitchen has no approval to be open. This isn’t your first restaurant so it’s kinda suspicious that someone like yourself would try to open without these things being done first.

  2. Believe it! says:

    If I hadn’t been involved in getting permission from government to undertake a project I would think, why didn’t the owners of Pinky’s just follow the rules. But I recently was involved in a project and I followed every rule so I was dumbfounded when I received permission for an application to then inquire where was the document (it was even online it was approved) I needed to post to find out that two other departments were now just making their comments (after approval) and they were requiring additional requirements. The project was eventually approved but only after I had to spend substantially more money to jump through all the hoops others now wanted after I followed every rule and had permission granted. I went to government before I even started the application and asked for their input so I would do everything right abs follow their rules. When you submit something for approval to government, before approval is granted could the relevant parties all within government please talk to each other. I received permission, told I would have the sign to post within a week, hired parties to do the job. Well 6 months after approval, I was still waiting for the sign to post. Had I known to start with all the requirements, duplications, and mostly fighting between government departments … I don’t know if I would have proceeded with the project after I first inquired. I was frustrated with the unnecessary expense and the constant changing of goal posts, and the fact that government departments couldn’t just work together. But not as frustrated as the folks I hired to do the job, people need to earn a living, to then find out we are approved and it’s sort of pending for months! When a project is approved the necessary government departments need to be involved first, before approval is granted! I feel for the owners of Pinky’s!!!!

  3. slow sally says:

    bloody ridiculous from govt. they approve things but dont follow the process thru and seem pleased to disrupt a business plan by not acknowledgeing approval from what ever departments may be required in the whole process. My guess here is dept of planning, needs to seek guidance from DENR who require consultation with health dept , and on and on. guess i will get my quick burger sometime next century