Pinky’s Reopens On May 15, New Menu Options

May 2, 2023

Pinky’s is now set to re-open on May 15th, and the company said “customers can look forward to many more menu items” including a “Value Menu” which “will feature items all priced under $7.”

A spokesperson said, “Pinky’s has formed new partnerships to share resources, access group purchasing and other strategic expertise. This allow Pinky’s to access vendors that are able to provide a wider variety of products and at lower costs.

“This is great because customers can look forward to many more menu items with both normal and unbeatable low pricing when we re-open. Pinky’s re-opening date is being pushed back and now set to take place on May 15th.”

Kristina Burrows said, “With these new partnership benefits, we’re going to take some additional time to setup the new menu and systems to reflect the new agreements and prices. These things take time and we want to take the time to do it right.”

The spokesperson said, “When we reopen, Pinky’s will offer a restaurant menu focused on variety, quick-service menu focused on speed, and a value menu focused on best price.

“The Value Menu will feature items all priced under $7, and the Quick Service Menu will be expanded to include fried chicken. The drive thru service will feature these two menus.

“The new Restaurant Menu will be available for walk-in, call-in and online ordering. The restaurant menu items are all chef-made items and require 10-15 minutes to prepare and therefore will not be available to order via the drive thru menuboards.

“Pinky’s Restaurant Menu will include breakfast, appetizers, salads, sandwiches and panini, gyros, chicken and fish meals, pizza, pasta, Indian items, desserts, pastries, and a variety of beverages. This menu is designed to compete against other restaurants in the area by offering popular items with a different twist. We have hired teams of chefs and are busy preparing to reopen.

“Pinky’s will also offer delivery service from Shelly Bay and Tucker’s Town in the east, to Bermudiana Road and BlackWatch Pass to the west. The restaurant menu, quick service menu and value menu will all be available for delivery and delivery service will be provided by FoodHub delivery drivers at Pinky’s.

“Walk-in customers will be excited to see Freddie’s Big Buffet. Freddie’s currently provides buffet service inside Warwick Pharmacy, FoodHub Cricket Lane, Dangelini’s at Albouy’s Point, and the AIG Cafeteria. At Pinky’s, Freddie’s will offer 20 varieties of hot local and Caribbean dishes alongside a few international favorites.

“Customers will be able to choose whether they want a faster experience with less human interaction or a more traditional experience of walking in or calling in, and now ordering online.”

Ms. Burrows said, “Our cost of doing business and the purchase price of food has been our greatest challenge and disappointment. This is shared by the general public and something had to be done.

“The new partnerships have provided Pinky’s with the ability to lower prices and finish its menu expansion. We have lots to do, and unfortunately must delay our reopening for another two weeks to get it all done.”

The spokesperson said, “Nevertheless, when we do re-open: lower prices, incredible savings, exciting new menu items, and delivery. It’s almost like a business reboot and we’re excited to get going. See for employment and more information.”


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