Caines & Gibbons Featured At Art Basel Miami

December 6, 2022

Bermudians Kassie Caines and Jayde Gibbons participated in the Amazon Prime Exhibit “Riches: The Crown We Never Take Off”, exhibit during the Art Basel weekend in Miami, Florida. The local artists worked with Black Beauty Archives [BBA] to prepare an archival film for the installation curated by Donnamarie Baptiste.

Jayde Gibbons and Kassie Caines Bermuda Dec 2022

The archival film focused on the artistry and rituals of Black hair care and was a part of an exhibit hosted by Amazon Prime to promote its new Prime Series, Riches.

Black Beauty Archives is a New York-based archive that focuses on preserving, documenting and celebrating the history of Black Beauty Culture across the African diaspora; founded by Camille Lawrence in 2020.

Ms Caines is credited as a Digital Curator and Fashion Historian for her contribution to the presentation and is also the primary Digital Content Coordinator for Black Beauty Archives. Ms Caines is known locally as a vocal artist and is the late Dame Lois Browne-Evans’ granddaughter.

When Ms Caines was approached with the opportunity, she began to think about how she could integrate Bermuda’s story in the archival film and instantly thought of Ms Gibbons.

She said, “Jayde’s vision is so clear in her work. The way she captures Black beauty within Queendom Heights made her essential for this project. I’ve been a fan of her artistry for years now so it was truly an honour when she agreed to be a part of this project.”

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A spokesperson said, “Ms Gibbons, the owner of Queendom Heights, is an award-winning photographer focusing on showcasing the authentic beauty of Bermudian culture. Ms Gibbons provided photo submissions from her portfolio for the presentation and is also a credited contributor.

“Ms Gibbons and Ms Caines are excited about the chance to continue to elevate and preserve the stories and experiences of Black Bermudians on an international stage.”

Collectively, they see this event as a springboard to greater visibility for the island’s culture and artists.

Having the opportunity to present in an international exhibit, for a global client like Amazon, certainly feels like a milestone, but it also feels like the beginning of something special,” said Ms Caines. “I hope Bermudian creatives remember that the sky is the limit, especially when we work together.”

The exhibit ran from 2 – 3 December 2022 as a part of Art Basel Weekend in Miami. You can read more about Black Beauty Archives on their website and their Instagram: @BlackBeautyArchives, Ms Caines can be contacted via her website and you can follow Ms Gibbons’ Queendom Heights on Instagram: @Queendom_Heights.

Camille Lawrence, founder of Black Beauty Archives; Rochelle Brock, BBA Videographer and Photographer; Kassie Caines and Jayde Gibbons

Kassie Caines and Jayde Gibbons Bermuda Dec 2022 (1)

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