Official Govt & Legal Notices For Dec 21 2022

December 21, 2022

The official Government and Legal notices for today [Dec 21] include acting appointments, notice of hearing, PATI contracts and notification of planning applications registered.


Acting Appointment :- Senior Magistrate & Coroner

  • Notice Type: Government Notice
  • Notice Sub Type: Acting Appointments
  • Notice ID: GN1202/2022
  • Public Authorities / Department: Government House
  • Publication date: 21 December 2022

Government Notice No. _______

Acting Appointment

Judicial Department

The Acting Governor, after consultation with the

Chief Justice, has approved the appointment of the following Magistrate & Coroner to act as Senior Magistrate & Coroner:

- Magistrate Khamisi Tokunbo 28th December 2022 until 5th January 2023

Dated this 21st day of December 2022.


Acting Deputy Governor

Lucinda Pearman


Notices of Hearing :- Liquor Licensing Authority Special Session

  • Notice Type: Government Notice
  • Notice Sub Type: Notice of Hearing
  • Notice ID: GN1201/2022
  • Public Authorities / Department: Ministry Level
  • Publication date: 21 December 2022

Notices of Hearing-Liquor Licensing Authority Special Session

The Chairman of the Liquor Licensing Authority, in compliance with the requirement of Section 7 of the Liquor Licence Act 1974 gives the following notice:

A Special Session of The Liquor Licensing Authority will be held at the 12th day of January, 2023, via video link, at 12.30 p.m. to hear the application for the grant / transfer of the following licence:

Applicant Organization/Business Name Address Parish
Gregory DeMelo Deja View [Restaurant, #30481] 17 Point Pleasant Road City of Hamilton

Any person ordinarily resident in the Parish or any owner or occupier of any property in any other Parish lying within three hundred yards of the premises in respect of which this application is made may object to the grant of the license provided written notice containing, in general terms, the grounds of the objection is served on The Chairman of The Liquor Licensing Authority, The Commissioner of Police and The Applicant not less than three days before the hearing. Finally, if you are called to a hearing the Clerk will contact you.

Marc G Daniels



PATI :- Pension Commission
Notice Type: Government Notice
Notice Sub Type: PATI Contracts valued $50,000 or more
Notice ID: GN1200/2022
Public Authorities / Department: Pension Commission
Publication date: 21 December 2022

Public Access To Information [Contracts Valued $50,000 Or More] Pension Commission Notice 2022

GN / 2022

The Chairman, who has supervision of the Pension Commission, in exercise of the power conferred by section 6[6] of the Public Access to Information Act 2010, gives the following Notice:


1. This Notice may be cited as the Public Access to Information [Information Statement- Contracts Valued $50,000 or More] Pension Commission Notice 2022.

Contracts to which this Notice applies

2. This Notice applies to the contracts contained in the following Table:


Name of Contractor/ Contracting Parties Contract Start Date Contract End Date Description of Goods/ Services Provided Contract Value
Wessex Limited 1 September 2022 31 August, 2023 Office Rent $121,170 per annum

Made this 20th December, 2022

Kelly Hodsoll

Chairman, who has supervision of the Pension Commission


List of Proposed Planning Applications Advertised on December 21, 2022

  • Notice Type: Government Notice
  • Notice Sub Type: Notification of Planning Applications Registered
  • Notice ID: GN1199/2022
  • Public Authorities / Department: Planning
  • Publication date: 21 December 2022

The applications shown below are available for review on the Department of Planning’s Customer Self Service

Portal [], or between the hours of 8:45 am and

4:30 pm week days at the Department of Planning, 5th Floor, Dame Lois Browne Evans Building, 58 Court Street,

Hamilton HM 12.

Any person wishing to object must do so within 14 days of the date advertised.

For further information on the objection procedure see the Development and Planning [Applications Procedure]

Rules 1997 and the Objections Guidance Note found on the Department website [].


Convex Group Ltd
4 St. Anne’s Close
Southampton SN01
Proposed 6 ft. Entrance Pillars and Gate. [Revisions to Approved Permit #B0642‑21]
[Final Approval]

City of Hamilton

Washington Mall Properties
18 Church Street
City of Hamilton HM11
Proposed Roof Mounted Solar PV System ‑ 4,335 sq. ft. 185 x 440 W Modules System Capacity:
[Final Approval]


The official notices above have been republished from the relevant section on the official Government website. If you wish to view ‘hard copies’, the Department of Libraries & Archives prints them and you can visit the main library on Queen Street or the Government Archives in the Government Administration Building on Parliament Street to view them.

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