HSBC Bank Offers New Digital Secure Key

January 23, 2023 | 7 Comments

HSBC Bermuda today announced the introduction of Digital Secure Key for their online banking customers.

A spokesperson said, “Customers can now benefit from the convenience and environmental friendliness of the Digital Secure Key which can be activated via the latest version of the HSBC Bermuda app, replacing HSBC customers’ plastic physical tokens, currently used to access the Bank’s online banking services.”

Tanya Bule, Head of Wealth, Personal Banking and Marketing shared, “Through the Digital Secure Key our customers will have the added convenience and flexibility of being able to generate their online security codes from their mobile or tablet.

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“At HSBC we take our customers’ online safety seriously and the Digital Secure Key provides users with added protection against the threat of fraud. When accessing online banking through the HSBC app, customers will use their existing username and passwords along with a temporary code that will be generated, giving another layer of protection.”

The spokesperson added, “Customers are encouraged to drop off their old plastic physical tokens at any of the branches island-wide, which will be contributed to an upcoming HSBC sustainability initiative. For more information on the Digital Secure key visit the HSBC Bermuda public website and/or speak to an HSBC representative at 299 5959.”

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  1. Debrina says:

    The app is good for transferring funds right away from HSBC personal accounts but, it does not update your balances right away. It also takes days even a week to show transactions and new balances from in-store transactions. Can the app be updated A.S.A.P?

    • Polly says:

      The balances are updated immediately; that has been my experience since I began using the app when it was first introduced.

  2. Senior says:

    Apps do not work on all phones. Will this work on older models?

  3. Apple Pay says:

    Good day HSBC
    Will HSBC, one day soon, Hopefully??, be allowing payments by mobile phone?
    Payments such as
    Apple pay
    Samsung pay
    Amazon pay
    Google pay
    thank you

  4. frank says:

    app or no app it is not safe to do mobile banking or to pay for things with your

  5. keep looking up says:

    it is not safe

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