Jackson: “Devastating Blow” For Tourism

January 12, 2022

“Bermuda’s tourism has received a devastating blow,” OBA MP Susan Jackson said, adding that “locals and visitors alike should be deeply concerned about the loss of air travel.”

The comments follow after news that JetBlue has reduced the flight schedule from New York to Bermuda, which the airline is reportedly making into a “summer seasonal” route.

Ms Jackson — the Shadow Minister of Transport –  said, “Yet again, Bermuda’s tourism has received a devastating blow. Losing the Jet Blue daily service from New York will cause a major inconvenience to many, especially the sick, the elderly, students, and businessmen and women who rely on the service to travel to their destinations both in America and internationally.

“The IB sector is keeping our island afloat and doesn’t need further disruptions.

“Both locals and visitors alike should be deeply concerned about the loss of air travel, coupled with the expensive and ineffective Travel Authorisation Form which has outlived its purpose.

“Air fares to and from Bermuda are very expensive and the Government must work harder to keep regular flights from our gateway cities.

“Regular travel in and out of Bermuda is our highest priority. We cannot afford any further loss.”

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  1. Sick of it All says:

    It is alarming, this is a DISCOUNTING of our Island by a major company overseas. A ‘Seasonal destination’. Unless this disaster- PLP Government is removed, we will continue to spiral downhill. This has been the course throughout this pandemic. Every week it is more disgusting and discouraging news under their watch and negligence. As the scripture says: “Mere oppression can make the wise man act crazed”.
    I guess my tactic is working! I have been downplaying travel to Bermuda, because it is filled with debacle getting
    Here and being here. Expensive, lack of working busses, horrid roads and to much crime. Hotel bed quantity has suffered as well. Money will go better elsewhere. Bermuda is a complete waste and living in the dark ages. LOL

  2. Dejavu says:

    It’s cheaper to fly from New York to England than from Bermuda to England lol how is that possible if we are closer to England. Oh that’s right because this island is a scam. Leave now while you can people, Bermuda is finished

  3. watching says:

    What Ms Jackson doesnt speak to is the fact that JetBlue has cut many routes in continental USA and otherwise. Additionally, other airlines have all had to adjust their schedules due to the impact of COVID.
    Yes it makes for good political talking points to blame the government or to make it seem like Bermuda is somehow different in all of this, but at the end of day travel has been difficult and airlines fly where it is profitable and currently it is a challenge.

  4. sandgrownan says:

    What folks are forgetting, is that this is also a significant blow to our business travellers.

    Can’t get here, nowhere to stay, nothing to do…..work remotely.

    24 years and we’re slowly having the life squeezed out of us by inept leadership.

  5. Raskarr says:

    This is what happens when you make it practically impossible to enter the country without going through covid testing hell where it takes multiple days to get your results back just so you can leave the house.