Audio: House Of Assembly Motion To Adjourn

March 13, 2023

[Updated] The House of Assembly is currently in session this evening [March 13], with MPs speaking on the Motion to Adjourn starting as of 10.20pm, the MTA is held after the Orders of the Day have been dealt with, and allows any MP to speak on a topic[s] of their choosing for up to twenty minutes.

Update 11.42pm: | The session has concluded and the full audio is below; the speakers were, in order, MP Derrick Burgess on employment, Government’s paper saying need for more workers, hospitality, our population issues and more; MP Anthony Richardson on the quality of the budget debate, the national debt and more; Minister Michael Weeks on road safety, MP Chris Famous on the OBA, apprenticeships and more; MP Craig Cannonier on road safety, and Premier David Burt who recapped what the previous speakers said and responded to the OBA Leader’s comments about Signature Bank. You can drag the bottom bar to fast forward if you want to skip to a particular speaker.

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