Shiai Cup Karate Tournament On March 26

March 12, 2023

The 27th Bodhidharma Zenji-Ryu Shiai will be held on March 26th at the Whitney Institute.

A spokesperson said, “Get ready for an unforgettable event that not only celebrates the pinnacle of Karate excellence in Bermuda but also supports the growth and development of our youth! The Shotocup is proud to present the 27th Bodhidharma Zenji-Ryu Shiai, one of the most highly anticipated Karate tournaments on the island.

27th Bodhidharma Zenji-Ryu Shiai Karate March 26, 2023

“Representing all member dojos of the Bermuda Karate Federation, both youth and senior athletes will compete for the coveted Shiai Cup, showcasing the best of Bermuda’s martial arts talent. This event is not only a thrilling display of athleticism, but it also promotes the many positive attributes of Karate. These include fostering discipline, respect, self-confidence, and teamwork, all of which contribute to the growth and development of Bermuda’s youth.

“Spectators can look forward to a thrilling display of competition, including a heated kata rivalry between Dash Bailey of Bodhidharma Zenji-Ryu Karate Dojo and Luca Frias of Harto-Ryu Dojo. All-round champion Tristian Burgess will also make an exciting return, aiming to take home the gold in the youth combine kata and the Shiai Cup.

“Join us on March 26, 2023, at the Whitney Institute, the home of Shotocup, for an unforgettable display of martial arts mastery and community support. By attending this event, you’re not only celebrating the best of Karate in Bermuda but also contributing to the positive growth and development of our youth. We can’t wait to see you there!”

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