Upgrades To Boat Docks In St. George’s

June 17, 2023

The St. George’s docks “have recently undergone significant upgrades to restore and improve functionality and security.”

A spokesperson said, “Maintaining public access to the town of St. George’s via the docks is a key priority of St. George’s Marina & Superyacht Dock and The Corporation of St. George. Boaters can continue to access the town free of charge on a first-come, first-serve basis for up to three hours.

“Please contact the Dockmaster at 441-232-0622 in advance of arrival. A map outlining the dedicated space for public access and commercial vessel pick-up and drop off is available at www.stgeorgesmarina.com.

“During the three-hour dockage, boaters are encouraged to enjoy the marina, explore the town’s rich culture and historical heritage while supporting local business. Security fencing provides peace of mind and will prevent unauthorized access while improving safety.

“Designated areas are now equipped with ample docking space for superyachts up to 150 meters and vessels up to 70 ft. Amenities available include power, water, internet access, showers, and laundry facilities. These improvements will benefit both local and visiting boaters who reserve an extended use berth via the St. George’s Marina website.

“65% of Bermuda’s annual yacht traffic visits during April, May, June, and November. St George’s is a key marina town destination in the annual migration of boat traffic and has been for hundreds of years. There has been a recent increase in air arrival guests joining visiting yachts. The new designated space for superyachts will accommodate up to 10, double the previous inventory. Locals are encouraged to embrace this exciting annual high season and celebrate its growth.”

“Superyachts berthed in St. George’s have a big imapct on our local economy, just ask our transportation drivers, the resturants and the supermakets,” said President of St. George’s Marina & Superyacht Dock, Mark Soares.

“Local boaters are encouraged to take advantage of the fact that during July – September and December to March we have much of this grand space to utilize and experience. We would love to have local boaters come and spend a weekend with us, plug into our shore power, enjoy the facilities and explore the World Heritage Site.”

The spokesperson said, “Docking space is available on a weekly and monthly basis for local and visiting boats. Space is also available for charter and commercial boats not only for picking up and dropping off guests but also on a seasonal basis to promote and operate charter businesses.

“The expected increase in marine traffic resulting from recent major upgrades will boost tourism, provide employment opportunities for locals, benefit businesses throughout the town while driving a demand for services such as yacht repairs, provisioning, transportation, local dining, shopping, events, and unique experiences.

“For more information, including access maps and rates, please visit the St. George’s Marina & Superyacht Dock website.”

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  1. Joe Bloggs says:

    Am I the only person who remembers that the PLP Government intentionally killed off the winter yacht business 20 odd years ago?

    • Ringmaster says:

      You must be mistaken Joe. Burch made it clear when opening the new “marina” that the PLP gives unwavering support to the superyacht business. Or like Burt, he lies.