Photos: St. George’s Marina Preliminary Work

July 18, 2022 | 10 Comments

“I’m pleased by the progress of the preliminary work underway in the East-End for the construction of the St. George’s Marina. We promised to advance this construction and that promise is being kept,” Minister of Public Works Lt/Col David Burch said,

In providing an update on preparation work currently underway, the Minister said, “There is no doubt that when this Marina is completed, it will contribute towards the economic revival in St. George’s, alongside the St. Regis Hotel and several initiatives underway.

“At an estimated cost of $4.1 million, this private-public project between the Corporation of St. George and the developer is poised for substantive work to begin in August.”

A spokesperson said, “Crisson Construction Ltd. and D&J Construction Ltd., who are leading the operation, are currently using the nearby Marginal Wharf in St. David’s as an off-site location for initial work. The work includes:

  • The preparation of steel pipe sections
  • Welding for piling
  • Preparation of materials and temporary plans for demolishing the existing dock at Ordinance Island

“Other tasks include fabrication details and drawings for rebar orders for the precasting of concrete structures, which will be constructed at Marginal Wharf and transported to the dock and the pre-order of specialist materials.”

Minister Burch has previously said the new marina will include an improved and designated dock area for visiting yachts; a newly repaired dock on the South side of Ordnance Island; 650 linear feet of dockage for smaller yachts; 10 “stern to berths” for superyachts with mooring systems; marina reception, lounge, food & beverage and internet café; a duty free fuel dock and the installation of sewage pumping services.

The Government has previously stated that project has an “anticipated completion date of December 2022. ”

Photo courtesy Dept. of Communications // Mark Tatem

Photo courtesy Dept. of Communications // Mark Tatem

Photo courtesy Dept. of Communications // Mark Tatem

Photo courtesy Dept. of Communications // Mark Tatem

Photo courtesy Dept. of Communications // Mark Tatem

Photo courtesy Dept. of Communications // Mark Tatem

Photo courtesy Dept. of Communications // Mark Tatem

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  1. watching says:

    Well done PLP government. Working to promote investment in St George’s.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      LOL , you’ve got it bad .

      Where would St G be without the fuel surcharge the OBA instituted ?

      The PLP has totally ignored the old town .In a demonstration of spectacular showmanship they blew up the old Holiday Inn/ Club Med / Leows and shut down a perfectly good golf course but failed to seal a deal on a new hotel.
      The only reason their people get elected there is because of their racist politics , not because they care about St G .

      • Answer says:

        Only reason the UBP changed it’s name to oba is to win back racist votes. So we agree now. 30 – 6

        • saud says:

          You’re admitting that the plp voters are racist?

        • Joe Bloggs says:

          “Only reason the UBP changed it’s name to oba …”

          Keep up the big lie. Never give up on the big lie!

    • saud says:


  2. frustrated says:

    The only reason they are building a marina is that pretty soon the only way to get to St Georges is by boat.

    How exactly are the new bridges progressing? The repair work on Swing Bridge was only to last a few years, that must need further expensive repair work soon if the replacement bridge isn’t built.

    • Marine Life says:

      What is the update on a permanent bridge replacing those temporary Bailey’s Bridges on the Causeway. They have been up since soon after Fabian. They ARE NOT PERMANENT! They have a short life. They get heavy use with heavy loaded trucks. We need to demand new bridges or there will be consequences! In modern countries they are used as short term access while an aging bridge is replaced and then the Bailey’s
      Bridge is taken down when the new permanent bridge is rebuilt and opened. Please put 2 &2 together people. At least I don’t live in St. George’s and have to cross them every day. But I feel bad for those who do. This is a health & Safety Issue that most are probably not aware of.
      Not even a good way to welcome our tourists with ‘construction’ appearing bridges. These are pull-out-of-your pocket set up temporary bridges.

      • Joe Bloggs says:

        We are $3.35 BILLION in current debt. Where will the money come from to build a new bridge?

        • frustrated says:

          But……you can afford a new Marina which will only benefit a few.

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