“Get Home Safe” This Cup Match Holiday

July 20, 2023 | 0 Comments

Cupmatch Fever Event, CADA and the Bermuda Road Safety Council are”collaborating to get you home safe this Cup Match holiday.”

A spokesperson said, “Complimentary minibus shuttle services will be provided on August 4th from 8PM- to 1AM between St. George’s Cricket Club and Fort St Catherine with pickup at Tiger Bay, Town Square, East End Primary Field to patrons attending Cup Match Fever.

“Complimentary taxi rides will be provided following the event from 2 AM-4 AM through the taxi booking app, Hitch. There will be a unique code to riders that can only be used between 2AM-4AM on Aug 4th and it will also be geo-fenced, so only valid to riders leaving the vicinity of the Cup Match Fever Event.

“As an additional precaution, CADA and the BRSC will also have 2-4 minibuses available between 2 AM-4 AM to mitigate any potential issues caused by insufficient supply of available taxis during those hours.

“The designated places of pickup and booking guidelines will be announced in the coming days. Reminders will be advertised on the video screens at the event.”

Cup Match Fever Bermuda July 20 2023

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